Invoice Review Process


Sandia Procurement has a new invoice review process. The invoice must include separate supporting documentation that should include specific elements that are in line with the subcontract terms and conditions.

The following resources are provided to help you successfully submit your invoices:


Question Answer
Will older subcontracts without the new terms that only include the language “readily auditable” require supporting documentation when invoicing? As of April 2022, the invoicing clause was updated to include supporting documentation must be attached with an invoice. All subcontracts placed beginning with April 2022 include this clause.
Will Contractor Cost Management (CCM) Tool users be impacted by the new invoice process? No, at this time invoices in support of the CCM Tool will not be routed to the invoice reviewer queue.
How long will it take the invoice review team to review an invoice prior to sending it to the SDR for review? The invoice reviewer will be reviewing on a first in first out basis, as well as looking at the scheduled pay date. If an invoice comes in with Net 5 terms, the invoice reviewer will review that invoice first.
When will I know that my invoice has been rejected? You will receive an automated email with a specific comment from the invoice reviewer as to why an invoice was rejected.
If an invoice is rejected and resubmitted with corrections, is the resubmission date used to calculate the payment date? Yes
What types of subcontracts have kickoff meetings? All auditable type subcontracts (Cost, Labor Hour/Time & Material) have kickoff meetings. Work with your buyer to ensure scheduling of the kickoff meeting.
How will I get notified of a kickoff meeting? The buyer will be facilitating the kickoff meeting.
What type of documentation is required for lower tier subcontractors billed at labor rates, not cost? Timesheets or an invoice/receipt from the lower tier subcontractor.
Are timesheets required for salaried employees? Cost type subcontracts will not require timesheets; however, labor will be verified to the budget/proposal.
Is an accounting system report with timesheet details sufficient documentation in lieu of actual timesheets? Yes, as long as the report has hours by day, employee name, rate in the subcontract, labor category, and information to show the Sandia project.
Do invoices and timesheets need to be submitted separately? No, one pdf is acceptable; however, detailed timesheets with labor categories, dates, hours, and rates must be included.
If timesheets are submitted with an invoice, does the invoice need to be itemized as well? No, a summary on the invoice is acceptable.
Do universities with cost reimbursement type subcontracts have to provide timesheets? No, however the invoice reviewer will compare costs against the total budget/proposal.
What type of supporting documentation is required for fixed price and firm fixed price subcontracts? This will be the same as it has been. If your SDR is currently approving your invoices for FFP subcontracts, then you should not have any issues.
Do travel costs on a firm fixed price contract require written SDR approval as supporting documentation? Yes, it is a good practice to include all support and approval of trip for any type of travel.
Are receipts required for other expenses? Yes, Materials, Travel, other direct costs, Equipment, Lower Tier Subcontractors.
Are travel receipts required for meals instead of billing per diem? No, however, any expense over $75.00 will require a receipt.
Will an Electronic Cost Claim (ECC) still be required at year-end? Yes, this is a completely separate function performed by Sandia’s Contract Audit Department.