Academic Programs

Female medical science professional teaching a diverse group of university student about personal healthcare in a laboratory.

Tackling complex problems by collaborating with university partners across the nation

Sandia cultivates longstanding academic partnerships with institutions across the nation and in the local community who have diverse areas of expertise. These strong relationships enable seamless collaborations on research and development projects that benefit the national security mission, train the next generation of scientists and engineers, strengthen and diversify the talent pipeline, and highlight the critical work done at the nation’s top labs.

Sandia’s academic programs are strategically broad and include:

  • Sandia University Partnerships Network
  • Faculty collaborations
  • Postdoctoral appointments and internships

Sandia’s collaborations are also supported through the University Research Association (URA). URA helps analyze the research landscape as it relates to Sandia’s mission portfolios and supports Sandia’s diversity and critical skills pipeline programs.

Three men engaged in a discussion
Sandia staff discuss internship opportunities with students attending a Nuclear Security Enterprise Day.