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Supplier Resoruces

Info For information related to the impacts of COVID-19 see Sandia’s COVID-19 Work Practices for Subcontractors webpage.
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iSupplier Account

Manage your company profile within our iSupplier Portal

  • How to manage your iSupplier Account
  • Subcontractor Performance reports are available in your iSupplier account under the SCORE tab within "Sandia Pages."   Subcontractors having performance issues may be asked to complete an improvement plan.   NTESS expects top quality and on-time delivery for all items and services.
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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Invoicing Process

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Contract Information

  • General Provisions (Section II Terms and Conditions)
  • ES&H Requirements
  • Government Contracting Policies
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Sandia Construction and Facilities

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Contract Audit

Sandia Contract Audit

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Current and Past Economic Impact

2020 Economic Impact