Invoice Processing

Review process

Invoices are reviewed for compliance with contract terms and conditions. If the accounts payable system does not reflect receipt or if other discrepancies exist, approval for payment is requested from the Sandia individual (requestor) who established the contract. The requestor may instruct Accounts Payable to pay, reject, or reduce the invoice.

Rejected or reduced invoices

Accounts Payable processors may reject or reduce invoices based on the review process described above.

Reasons for rejection could be:

  • We are unable to match the line items being billed to the purchase order.
  • For electronic invoices submitted directly by the supplier via the iSupplier portal, an invoice image was not uploaded to the invoice record created in iSupplier.
  • The amount being billed exceeds the amount available on the purchase order.
  • The invoice does not have a unique number. Every invoice from a particular supplier needs to have a unique number.
  • The invoice does not have a purchase order number on it.
  • The ‘Remit to’ address on the invoice is not on file.
  • The supplier name on the invoice does not match the supplier on the purchase order.
  • The contract has expired.

Reasons for reduction could be:

  • The invoice does not have sufficient backup documentation. Sandia National Laboratories requires that freight charges be accompanied by the freight carrier invoice.
  • Tax was charged. Sandia National Laboratories is generally a tax-exempt entity.
  • Travel expenses over the federal per diem rates have been charged.
  • Quantity shipped and billed is greater than quantity ordered on the purchase order.
  • Hourly rate listed is higher than that on the purchase order.

If you have further inquiries about a rejected or reduced invoice, contact our Help Desk at