Faculty Collaborations

Collaborating with top minds from premier universities to push the research envelope

Image of varghese-pg37
University of Texas at Austin Professor, Dr. Philip Varghese, participated in a sabbatical at
Sandia to collaborate with staff in aerosciences, diagnostic sciences, and plasma theory and simulation.

Put simply, university researchers and distinguished academics can contribute at the national level by collaborating with Sandia. Academic faculty can connect to specific projects, engage in sabbatical or summer faculty research, hold a Sandia joint appointment, or serve on Sandia advisory boards.

Joint Appointments

University faculty members participating in the Joint Appointments Program remain employees at their institutions but have access to Sandia resources (including experimental and computational capabilities), staff expertise, and possible Laboratory Directed Research & Development funding. Joint appointees gain insight into Sandia’s strategic landscape and can also participate on “DOE Lab-only” projects and proposal opportunities. Sandia staff can also participate in the Joint Appointments Program, which allows them to work part time at a host university while remaining a full employee at the Labs.

External Advisory Boards and Adjunct Professorships

University faculty members participating in the Joint Appointments Program remain employees at their Experts from universities frequently serve on Sandia advisory boards and provide strategic insight. Sandia also encourages its staff to serve as adjunct professors at universities and participate on academic advisory boards. The Academic Programs team can help provide recommendations for potential advisory board members.

Research Spotlight Forum

Research Spotlight Forums foster research collaboration between academic partnerships schools and Sandia. At each forum, a Sandia researcher provides an overview of the topic, then university faculty give brief presentations on the research they are conducting in the area. Each event concludes with a networking event where researchers can interact further and discuss collaborations. For all future dates and information, please visit the Spotlight Eventbrite Registration.