What Sandia Looks for in Our Suppliers

Suppliers must have the ability to demonstrate sustained high performance in cost, quality, safety, and on-time delivery. In addition:

  • Innovation and responsiveness
  • Customer focused
  • Financially healthy and lean
  • Product and service leadership within their industry
  • Share commitment to mission success
  • Able to assist Sandia in achieving our National Security Mission

Sandia’s Expectations of our Suppliers

  • Do Your Research
    • Is Sandia your market?
    • Know who we are
    • Know what we buy
    • Know how we buy
  • Sell Your Capabilities
    • Identify your “uniqueness,” technical expertise, safety record, business acument, financial strength, quality systems, and prior experience(s)
  • Supply Best Value
    • Ensure customer satisfaction, provide quality products/services, and continuous improvement
  • Make Contact
    • Network, forge relationships, build trust, be persistent, and be patient
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
    Supply Chain attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. Any organization or individual who performs work for Sandia is a target for Supply Chain attacks.  
    • Existing or prospective subcontractors may be asked to fill out a questionnaire, participate in a site assessment, or may be subject to remote assessments regarding:
      • Quality management system
      • Cybersecurity/information protection
      • Software assurance
      • Other topical areas relating to Supply Chain Risk Management