Our SPP/NFE Process

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Under a Funds-In Agreement (FIA), SNL can conduct work for a NFE Sponsor on a reimbursable basis. The Sponsor provides 100% of the funding, which must be received before work commences. However, under certain conditions, a payment plan can be arranged. Costs are based on SNL’s full cost recovery for the statement of work.

Please contact the Partnerships Office for more information regarding the specific terms and conditions of the SPP/NFE Agreement or to obtain an information package.

NFE Funds-In Agreement Process

Step 1: Preliminary discussions: Sponsor and SNL

1. Identify a Need

There may be an economic or national security issue that needs to be addressed through improvement or development of a technology or capability. As a SPP/NFE Sponsor you recognize the issue and believe that your institution is in proper position to leverage Sandia’s research and development to create a competitive edge in your industry and/or provide cutting edge capabilities to help ensure our nation’s security.

Step 2: Sponsor submits requested documentation to SNL

2. Contact Sandia’s SPP/NFE Team

As a prospective SPP/NFE Sponsor, you may have already had contact with a member of Sandia’s technical staff through a conference or other business development opportunity. Alternatively you may not have had contact but have identified a capability or technology that you would like to develop or improve with the help of Sandia’s expertise. Under either scenario, please email us at NFEadmin@sandia.gov to get started in the right direction.

Step 3: SNL prepares agreement.

3. Agree on Estimated Costs and Statement of Work

Sandia is a full cost recovery laboratory and as such requires payment in advance of work performed. To facilitate the drafting of a SOW it is helpful if the SPP/NFE Sponsor first identifies potential funding sources and develops a cost limit plan for any funds-in to Sandia. Total funds-in to Sandia will vary based on project length, amount of Sandia personnel dedicated to the project and the unique burden rate placed on each member of Sandia’s technical staff. In addition, the SPP/NFE Sponsor will work in conjunction with the Sandia technical staff member to develop the SOW based on a mutually agreed upon project plan. Typically the Sandian completes the actual documents through close coordination with the SPP/NFE Sponsor.

Step 4: DOE approval is required.

4. DOE Approval

As a Federally Funded Research and Devel¬opment Center (FFRDC), SNL may perform work for industry under certain conditions. Because Sandia Corporation operates SNL as a contractor for DOE’s NNSA; it must garner DOE’s approval on all NFE agreements.

Step 5: Agreement is signed and sent to Sponsor with invoice.

5. Sandia Signs Documents and Sends to the Sponsor

Once all documents are complete and signed by Sandia, the SPP/NFE is sent to the Sponsor for signature.

Step 6: Sponsor reviews and signs agreement and sends advanced payment.

6. Sign SPP/NFE and Send Advanced Payment

Sandia must receive funding in advance along with the signed agreement documents.

SNL Begins Work
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