Business, Industry & Non-Profits

Business, Industry & Non-profits

Partnerships with Businesses, Industry & Non-profits

Sandia offers partners access to our world-class research facilities through a variety of partnering mechanisms. Collaborations with industry and small businesses support the Labs’ primary missions and help companies bring exciting technologies to the marketplace as new and improved products.

What’s in it for each partner?

For businesses, partnerships with Sandia can:

  • Transform government investment and the Labs’ research into improved products, new companies, and industry innovation
  • Provide you access to unique facilities, services, and/or technical expertise
  • Help you stay competitive by commercializing new technologies
  • Share technical expertise in a protected environment

For Sandia, partnerships with industry can:

  • Help the Labs accelerate U.S. industry’s innovation and development
  • Increase the Labs’ intellectual property portfolio, leading to revenue from licensing and royalties, which can then be used to fund research programs
  • Enable the Labs to collaborate on grants and proposals which require industry involvement