Research Foundations

Sandia has chosen to invest our research efforts in specific technical areas that are strongly tied to our national security mission.

Sandia chemist heads a team of researchers focused on removal of radioactive iodine from spent nuclear fuel.

Laboratory Directed R&D

This R&D funding source encourages revolutionary explorations of science and technology to solve our nation's greatest challenges. Learn more.

Sandia materials scientist sits in front of the in situ ion irradiation TEM.
Photo of the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory at Sandia/California

COVID-19 Research

Sandia Labs has more than 50 COVID-related science and engineering projects that are designed to help the nation during the pandemic. Much of the research is supported by Sandia's Laboratory Directed Research & Development program.

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Innovation at the interface of science and engineering

Committed to science with the mission in mind, Sandia creates innovative, science-based, systems-engineering solutions to our nation's most challenging national security problems.

Sandia National Laboratories is a world-class research & development community that delivers on national security missions while advancing the frontiers of science and engineering. A key component of Sandia's success is our foundational scientific research, which provides us with knowledge and capabilities that are essential for solving the most pressing and difficult issues facing the world today.

The guiding principle that underlies all of our research endeavors is to ensure that Sandia's fundamental science and engineering core is vibrant, continually pushing the forefront of knowledge. By applying our scientific knowledge base, we are able to respond effectively to current mission needs as well as anticipate national challenges that may arise in the future.

Sandia researcher Geoff Klise worked with Solar Power ElectricTM to develop a tool that can be used to appraise photovoltaic installations on homes and businesses.

Partnering with Sandia

Sandia collaborates with external partners to bring emerging technologies to the marketplace. Our partners include industry, small businesses, universities, and government agencies. Learn more about leveraging Sandia’s resources through technology partnerships.

Photo of Sandia CSGF intern

Career possibilities at Sandia

Turn your passion for engineering into a career. Join our team of scientists, engineers, and innovators to solve challenging national security problems that defy easy textbook answers. Check out our career possibilities.