DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program Annual Meeting and Peer Review 2022

The 2022 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review was held October 11-13, 2022, in Albuquerque, NM

Most presentations and posters are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Welcome RemarksCharles HanleySandia National Laboratories
Welcome RemarksImre GyukU.S. DOE Office of Electricity, Energy Storage Program
Welcome RemarksEric HsiehU.S. DOE, Director, Grid Systems and Components
IntroductionJim GreenbergerNAATBatt International
Energy Storage Program Managers RoundtableBabu Chalamala
Vince Sprenkle
Michael Starke
Patrick Balducci

Session 1: Innovative Deployment Projects

Energy Storage Demonstration ProjectsDan Borneo
(Session Lead)
Sandia National Laboratories
Applications that Reduce the Use of Diesel GensetsScott NewlunCordova Electric Cooperative
Atrisco Heritage Academy HS – Battery Storage for Peak ShavingTony SparksAlbuquerque Public Schools
Energy Storage Deployment Program Project Updates and InitiativesWaylon ClarkSandia National Laboratories
Supporting Grid Deployments and Field Validations of Energy Storage at PNNLDiane BaldwinPacific Northwest National Laboratory
IEEE Std 1547.9-2022: A New Standard to Help Streamline Energy Storage Interconnection with DistributionMichael RoppSandia National Laboratories

Session 2: Equity, Resilience, & Policy

Equity, Resilience, and PolicyJen Yoshimura
(Session Lead)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage for Social Equity (ES4SE)Adrienne RackleyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage for Social Equity (ES4SE)Henry GuanSandia National Laboratories
Sandia PUC Policy and Outreach, and Energy Storage and Decarbonization Modeling with PUCsHoward PassellSandia National Laboratories
Sandia Energy Storage Policy & Outreach Accomplishments 2022Will McNamaraSandia National Laboratories
Equity and Resilience in Storage Modeling & PlanningDhruv BhatnagarPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Regulatory Research and Technical AssistanceJeremy TwitchellPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 3: Safety & Reliability

ES Safety & Reliability OverviewMatt Paiss
(Session Lead)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thermal Runaway Database Development and Development of Thermally Sensitive PaintHsin WangOak Ridge National Laboratory
Are Solid-State Batteries Safe? A Thermodynamic AnalysisAlex BatesSandia National Laboratories
Quantifying Chlorine Gas Evolution from Mixed-Acid Vanadium Redox Flow BatteriesReed WittmanSandia National Laboratories
The Arlington Microgrid: Battery Fire Safety – Lessons LearnedScott GibsonSnohomish County Public Utility District
Energy Storage Reliability Codes and Standards Activities UpdatesCharlie VartanianPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Reliability Testing of kW Scale Battery ModulesEd ThomsenPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Welcome RemarksImre GyukU.S. DOE Office of Electricity, Energy Storage Program
Keynote Address
The Grid of the Future: A Utility Perspective
Nick PhillipsPNM

Session 4: Sodium Batteries

Sodium-Based BatteriesErik Spoerke
(Session Lead)
Sandia National Laboratories
Low Temperature Molten Sodium BatteriesLeo Small
(presented by Erik Spoerke)
Sandia National Laboratories
Intermediate Temperature Sodium Battery TechnologiesGuosheng LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Polymer-Sealed Planar Na-NiCl2 Batteries at 1800CKeeyoung JungResearch Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST)
Sodium based Solid Electrolytes and Na-MetalDavid MitlinUniversity of Texas at Austin
Sodium Battery Research at ORNLMengya LiOak Ridge National Laboratory
Sodium Ion Battery DevelopmentXiaolin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 5: Medium & Long Duration Energy Storage

Toward Grid Decarbonization: Medium and Long Duration Energy StorageImre Gyuk
(Session Lead)
U.S. DOE Office of Electricity, Energy Storage Program
Grid Modeling of Long-Duration Energy Storage for Deep DecarbonizationAudun BotterudArgonne National Laboratory
Seawater Batteries for Long Duration StorageIlias BelharouakOak Ridge National Laboratory
Freeze-Thaw Battery TechnologyMiller LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Long Duration Solar Thermal Energy StorageMargaret GordonSandia National Laboratories
Pumped Hydroelectric Storage SystemsAtri BeraSandia National Laboratories

Session 6: Flow Batteries

Enabling Integration of Renewable Energy Sources with Long Duration Energy StorageGabriel Veith
(Session Lead)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Process R&D for Manufacturing of Aqueous Redox Flow Battery MaterialsKrzysztof PupekArgonne National Laboratory
Ambient Temperature Polysulfide-Based Redox Flow Batteries and Membrane DevelopmentGuang YangOak Ridge National Laboratory
Improve the Kinetics of the Ketone-based Aqueous Organic Redox Flow BatteriesRuozhu FengPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Crosslinked Polyethyleneimine Gel Polymer Interface to Improve Cycling Stability of RFBsWei WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Iron- and Bipyridine-based Charge Carriers for Non-Aqueous Flow BatteriesTravis AndersonSandia National Laboratories

Session 7: Zinc and Lead Batteries

Advancing Zn- and Pb-based Batteries for a Safe and Reliable GridXiaolin Li
(Session Lead)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
X-ray Analysis of Nonstochiometric Oxides in Lead Acid BatteriesTim FisterArgonne National Laboratory
Progress in Aqueous Zn- based BatteriesTim LambertSandia National Laboratories
Progress in the Development and Deployment of Zinc Manganese Dioxide BatteriesSanjoy BanerjeeCCNY / UEP
Mechanistic Studies of Zinc Anode BatteriesAmy MarschilokStony Brook University
Li and Na ion intercalation in layered MnO2 cathodes Enabled by Using Bismuth as a Cation PillarJosh GallawayNortheastern University
Zinc Battery Research at PNNLMatthew FayettePacific Northwest National Laboratory


DOE Indian Energy Program OverviewWahleah JohnsDOE Office of Indian Energy

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Session 8: Power Electronics

Energy Storage Power Electronics ProgramStan Atcitty
(Session Lead)
Sandia National Laboratories
Power Electronic Development for Energy Storage at ORNLMadhu ChinthavaliOak Ridge National Laboratory
Energy Redistribution as a Method for Mitigating Risk of Propagating Thermal RunawayJacob MuellerSandia National Laboratories
System Development for Optimal Operation of Hybrid Storage TechnologiesOindrilla DuttaSandia National Laboratories
Low Voltage and High Current Bidirectional Converter for Grid-tied ESS with BMSHuanghaohe ZouUniversity of Texas at Austin
Multiport Multi-Directional Modular and Scalable Power Conversion Platform with DC/AC Source/Storage IntegrationTrevor WarrenHigherwire
Flexible Scalable Electricity Solutions for Off-Grid CommunitiesDeepak DivanGeorgia Tech

Session 9: Analytics & Tools

Introduction to Session 9: Analytics and ToolsPatrick Balducci
(Session Lead)
Argonne National Laboratory
Ageing Analysis on Secondary Use of Li-ion Battery MegaPacksSrikanth AlluOak Ridge National Laboratory
End-of-Life Considerations for Stationary Energy Storage SystemsQiang DaiArgonne National Laboratory
Optimal Sizing and Operating of PV+LDES for Providing Base Load and QuESt UpdatesTu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
Advanced Optimization and Control for Energy StorageDi WuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Evaluation Tool (ESET)Dexin WangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Model Predictive Control of Energy Storage Systems for Combined Energy Arbitrage and Voltage RegulationUjjwol TamrakarSandia National Laboratories

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Peer Review guests joined Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) on Thursday, October 13 at 3:00 pm, for a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new energy storage project.

The Atrisco Heritage Academy High School solar PV (850 kW) and battery storage (721kW / 2884 kWh) project is the largest single public school clean energy project in New Mexico. This is a joint initiative of APS, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S. DOE, New Mexico Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and OE Solar.

Partners included:
Sandia National Laboratories
Department of Energy
New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department
Clean Energy States Alliance
OE Solar