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Energy Storage Systems

DOE Energy Storage Annual Peer Review

The 2022 DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program Annual Meeting and Review assembled researchers from across the DOE landscape – national laboratories, industry, government, and academia – to summarize the state of the art in energy storage research, development, and application.

This year’s meeting was held October 11-13, 2022, in Albuquerque, NM.

Energy Storage for Social Equity Initiative

The Energy Storage for Social Equity (ES4SE) Initiative, sponsored by the DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program, empowers urban, rural, and tribal disadvantaged communities to consider energy storage technologies and applications as a viable path towards community prosperity, well-being, and resilience.

EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Winners

Prof. Sanjoy Banerjee of City College of New York and City University of New York Energy Institute, Sandia National Laboratories, Urban Electric Power, Inc., Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Department of Energy Office of Electricity, Energy Storage Research Program won the 2019 US Environmental Protection Agency Green Chemistry Challenge Award in the Academic category.

Sandia Wins 5 R&D 100 Awards and a Silver Specialty Award

Competing in an international pool of universities, corporations and government labs, Sandia National Laboratories researchers captured four R&D 100 Awards this year and supported a fifth. One entry also won the R&D 100’s Special Recognition Market Disrupter Silver Award.

The ESS Mission

The goal of the ESS program is to develop advanced energy storage technologies and systems, in collaboration with industry, academia, and government institutions that will increase the reliability, performance, and competitiveness of electricity generation and transmission in the electric grid and in standalone systems.