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Into the future

Sandia has released its Five Year Goals and FY21 Objectives, summarized in a familiar trifold pamphlet, mapping out how the Labs will achieve its long-term strategic direction of anticipating and solving the most challenging problems that threaten security in the 21st century and render exceptional service in the national interest.

NM companies may receive up to $150K in technical assistance

Eligible New Mexico companies have submitted statements of intent to work with scientists and engineers at Sandia or Los Alamos national laboratories through the Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Tax Credit Initiative. The new program allows selected companies to receive up to $150,000 in direct technical assistance per year for prototyping, proof-of-concept, field demonstrations, technical validation, testing and development or other activities.

Marshaling resources to fight COVID-19

As Sandia and the nation came to terms with a new, socially distanced reality, researchers within the Labs’ Integrated Security Solutions Division were working to understand the biology of the novel coronavirus, learn how the human body responds to infection by SARS CoV-2 and model how COVID-19 spreads in a population.

Confronting COVID-19 and getting back to work — together

The novel approach of Integrated Service Delivery being practiced in several centers within Sandia’s Integrated Security Solutions Division was tested to its utmost this year, as departments had to suddenly figure out how to accommodate a remote workforce and then just as suddenly overcome dozens of challenges to bring people back to work safely on site.

Tracking warranties creates efficiencies

The Facilities team launched a new warranty recovery management program last year to track warranties on purchases of goods and services for Sandia. The program has been very successful, easing the tracking burden for managers and saving the Labs at least $1 million in cost avoidance since it began.