Sandia LabNews

Issue June 13, 2024

Boosting battery research

Partnership speeds up development of flow batteries for green grid, water

Boosting battery research

Sandia researchers are working to make large backup batteries that cost less, hold more energy and are less likely to burst into flame.

3D printing team adds value to any research project

The Additive Manufacturing Lab team prints a wide range of items to support work happening throughout Sandia.

Employee Recognition Award ceremonies spotlight unsung heroes

Award recipients were celebrated at ceremonies in New Mexico and California in May.

Transformational capabilities demonstrated by Sandia at AI Expo

Ten national laboratories, including Sandia, shared one of the largest booths at the AI Expo for National Competitiveness. Sandians demonstrated their expertise in applied machine intelligence and virtual reality.

From sea to desert: Building for America

The DOE awarded an Albuquerque small-business owner and veteran for his work in supporting Sandia and its mission

Read To Me book drive

Through this year’s annual children’s book drive, Sandians raised over $3,400 and collected more than 2,900 books.

Don Cook: Setting up major Sandia projects

Cook led work on the Z machine, the Microsystems Engineering, Science and Applications Complex and more. Read his story and more 75th anniversary stories in Lab News.

Center for Cyber Defenders at center of digital evolution

Since its launch in 1999, more than 800 interns have worked in the center in New Mexico and California, forming a new generation of cybersecurity experts.

Pride Month at Sandia

From raising the pride flag to attending thoughtful discussions, Sandia offers many opportunities to celebrate Pride Month at the Labs.