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Confronting COVID-19 and getting back to work — together

The novel approach of Integrated Service Delivery being practiced in several centers within Sandia’s Integrated Security Solutions Division was tested to its utmost this year, as departments had to suddenly figure out how to accommodate a remote workforce and then just as suddenly overcome dozens of challenges to bring people back to work safely on site.

California site expands footprint

To accommodate Sandia's significant increase in hiring to meet mission needs coupled with the need to ensure workforce safety amid the pandemic, leaders at the Livermore site are taking a multipronged approach, including continued telecommuting, creating flexible “kiosk hubs,” constructing new facilities and temporarily leasing office space near the campus.

Excellence in action

Sandia’s Laboratory Operating System program honored three teams that demonstrated lean thinking and behavior, improved operations and saved the Labs time and money in fiscal year 2019. Labs Director James S. Peery, Deputy Labs Director Dori Ellis and Business Excellence Director Joan Tafoya honored the teams at a ceremony in February, highlighting their innovations and how the teams challenged the status quo.