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CRADA boom spurs innovation, collaboration with Sandia Labs

Sandia signed 42 CRADAs in fiscal year 2018, more Cooperative Research and Development Agreements than in any previous year this century, sparking dozens of new collaborations and potential technological innovations. A CRADA is an agreement between a government agency and a nonfederal entity to work together on research and development.

CRADA enables resilient microgrid research between Sandia, Emera Technologies

Sandia and Emera Technologies have signed an 18-month Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to work on microgrids, small-scale versions of interconnected electric grids that locally manage energy storage and resources such as solar, wind and thermal systems, and which may connect to a larger host grid.

Smarter, safer bridges with Sandia sensors

Sandia and UK-based Structural Monitoring Systems PLC have been working together for 15 years to create transportation systems that can send a signal when they're damaged. They've outfitted a U.S. bridge with a network of sensors that will alert maintenance engineers when they detect a crack large enough to require repair.

Raising the heat to lower the cost of solar energy

Sandia will receive $10.5 million from DOE to research and design a cheaper and more efficient solar energy system. The work focuses on refining a specific type of utility-scale solar energy technology, called concentrating solar power, which is appealing because it can supply renewable energy — even when the sun is not shining — without using batteries for storage.