Educating next-generation employees, collaborating on complex problems

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Academic Partnerships

The Sandia Academic Partnership strategy establishes enduring relationships with certain schools to nurture talent, collaborative research, and national advocacy. The partnerships produce world-class joint research and development, educate next-generation employees, provide Sandia employees with continuous learning opportunities, and build national visibility and name recognition.

Academic Alliance Program

The Sandia Academic Alliance program establishes enduring partnerships with a focused set of universities to sustain and enrich the labs’ capabilities and increase mission impact. In turn, Academic Alliance partner universities gain increased access to Sandia’s unique scientific facilities, science and engineering expertise, and research opportunities. It’s a program with enormous potential benefits for Sandia and the partner universities; for researchers at Sandia and partner universities, for students interested in careers in national security, and for the nation.

Campus Executive Program

Sandia executives, acting as ambassadors, are paired with top university officials at schools that share research interests and capabilities. Universities must meet certain criteria and be aligned with Sandia's strategic needs. The program offers a way to partner with top universities to conduct leading-edge science, hire the most accomplished scientists and engineers, and develop collaborations in focused research areas. As part of these efforts, Sandia may fund student research projects to establish relationships with students, develop capabilities, and build long-term relationships with faculty.

Fellowship Programs

Harry S. Truman Fellowship
Attracting the best nationally recognized new Ph.D. scientists and engineers to Sandia.

Graduate Fellowships
Graduate fellowship opportunities exist for successful students interested in a career in math, science, or engineering.

Postdoctoral Professional Development Program
Arranges informal monthly seminars in which two postdocs of recently-hired staff present their research and respond to questions.

Sabbatical Research/Summer Faculty Research

The Laboratories encourage scientists to conduct short-term, joint research with university faculty on sabbatical or during the summer. Faculty must be invited by a Sandia sponsor and can have limited-term employment at the Labs from four weeks to one academic year. The appointments provide meaningful work to professors widely recognized as authorities in their field, make valuable contributions to Sandia’s technical research, and promote university relations. Candidates are recruited nationally for summer appointments. Salary, round-trip travel and per diem are provided. Available positions can be found on Sandia's Careers webpage.  Select "View All Jobs" then search for the word "faculty" and follow application instructions.

External Advisory Boards

Sandians participate on university external advisory boards across the nation, and experts from universities serve on Sandia advisory boards.

Adjunct Professorships

Sandia encourages its staff to serve as adjunct professors at regional and other universities.