Distributed Energy Technology Laboratory (DETL)

The Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory (DETL) is a power electronics testing facility capable of evaluating distributed energy resources (DER) connected the utility grid. The DETL has evaluation stations for residential and commercial DER devices that can be configured as 240V single phase and 480V, 3-phase systems. The DETL includes a motor control center microgrid with state-of-the-art synchronous generation controls coupled with enhanced utility support power electronic devices and controllable loads for microgrid assessments. These advanced support systems include photovoltaic inverters, microturbines, fuel cells, reciprocating engine-generators, and energy storage systems. New capabilities include interoperability and cyber security vulnerability assessments as well as interactions among various technologies.DETL provides expertise and test support to perform the following functions to existing and emerging utility interconnection standards (IEEE P1547/P1547.1) and evaluations include:

  • Grid-connected performance evaluations (e.g., efficiency, power quality, voltage and frequency ride-through, voltage and frequency regulation function, and DER response to abnormal grid conditions)
  • Off-grid (stand-alone or microgrid) performance evaluations (e.g., transient response, compatibility with various load types, voltage and frequency regulations)
  • Specialized tests (cyber security, unintentional islanding, interoperability and interactions of multiple sources on a common grid and microgrid, surge tolerance and mitigation strategies)

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