Nuclear Facilities Resource Center (NUFAC)

The Nuclear Facilities Resource Center (NUFAC) represents an exceptional national resource in providing unique capabilities for developing and applying nuclear solutions to problems of national importance.

NUFAC’s nuclear engineering technology resource is derived from a combination of unique facilities and highly qualified people in a synergistic structure. NUFAC supports a wide variety of programs including designing, operating, and experimenting with nuclear reactors; performing in core testing of reactor fuel and criticality experiments; radiation processing of semiconductor materials; testing of electronic piece parts and components; performing activation analyses; characterizing radioactive materials; and producing radioisotopes.


Interrelated facilities include:

  • Annular Core Research Reactor
  • Gamma Irradiation Facilities
  • Sandia Pulse Reactor Facility/Critical Experiments
  • State-of-the-art dosimetry, diagnostic, data acquisition, modeling and analysis capabilities
  • The Center has the analytical and experimental infrastructure necessary to meet customer needs in the following areas: design nuclear facilities and assess their safety; modify facilities to meet experimenter’s needs; characterize radiation environments; produce support research; develop, test and evaluate experiments; neutron and ion single-event effects testing.


This facility is available to support any application that can benefit from its unique capabilities.


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