Programs & Capabilities

EM Program Areas

  • Broadband EM response (EMR), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and Lightning
  • System response to hostile (X-ray) environments, such as system-generated EM pulse (SGEMP)
  • Lightning environment assessment of facilities and processes
  • Pulsed Power model and analysis
  • High voltage breakdown and arcing
  • Terawatt beams and power flow analysis
  • Antenna evaluation
  • Development of validated, high physical-fidelity EM modeling and simulation tools
  • EM modeling of microsystems / micro machines
  • EM modeling of photonic devices


  • Perform EM testing and evaluation
  • Consultation on requirements and best design practices
  • Perform EM experimentation
  • Develop and validate advanced EM and plasma physics modeling and simulation tools
  • Perform analysis
  • Perform applied research in EM