Sandia LabNews

Working well to stay well

With a record number of Sandia’s workforce now working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Labs’ ergonomic team has helped make the transition to a home office safe for employees. Sandia's ergonomics professionals are fully engaged on a daily basis with educating, training and assisting the workforce using the principles of ergonomic science.

Thunderbird Kudos

Earlier this year, Sandia launched Thunderbird Kudos, a program that encourages employees to show their appreciation for the efforts of their co-workers and teams. The program was designed to be a simple and quick way to tell co-workers that their accomplishments are important.

The Atomic Mr. Basie

The Sandia Jazz Orchestra performed its inaugural concert, The Atomic Mr. Basie, before an enthusiastic crowd of jazz fans at the Steve Schiff Auditorium Feb. 20. Launched in October 2019, the SJO is part of the Sandia Bands Association, the newest social association sponsored by the Sandia Employee Recreation Program.

Saving strangers

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network reports that there are currently 95,000 people on the national kidney waiting list. In 2019, Sandia data engineer Lawrence Allen became one of 355 living, anonymous donors who made that list move, joining a total of just 2,770 donors to date.