Working with Sandia

Become a Supplier

Review the following Sandia National Laboratories website Web pages: Missions, Research, Working with Sandia/Small Business, Working with Sandia/What Does Sandia Buy and Working with Sandia/Business Opportunities

Contact the Sandia Business Point of Contact 1-800-765-1678  if you have questions about doing business with Sandia.

Step 1. SAM Registration

  • Government Registration within the System for Award Management (SAM) The System for Award Management (SAM) is a government portal that enables secure registration as a potential supplier of products or services to Sandia National Laboratories and other government agencies and contractors. Register at

*NOTE:  You are not registered to do business with Sandia. 

Step 2. Sandia National Laboratories iSupplier Registration

REQUIREMENT:  iSupplier Registration is required BEFORE submitting an RFQ or award of a contract. 

To register in Sandia’s iSupplier Portal go to the Registration Page and fill out both of the required pages before clicking the register button.
Sandia’s iSupplier Registration required information:
Tax ID Numbers                                                                                               
NAICS Codes (top 3)
Company Name 
Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
Contact Name
Phone numbers
Email address

Upon completion of the iSupplier registration you will receive an email containing a username and a temporary password.  You will need to change your password within 3 days upon receipt of the email.
To manage your account, please continue to the iSupplier Portal. Additional user accounts may be requested through the Supreg Help Desk.

For more information refer to the Job Aids below.