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BE ADVISED: All Prospective Suppliers MUST be Registered in iSupplier before responding to or subscribing to Business Opportunities.

  • Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, the supplier community can access this site to view competitive subcontracting opportunities posted by NTESS, LLC.
  • The Sandia Business Opportunities Website (BOW) is intended to help suppliers identify potential subcontracting opportunities and to aid Sandia/NTESS in identifying responsible sources of suppliers. Also see Sandia's Small Business Commitment below.
  • Each subcontracting opportunity listed on the BOW includes the designated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, a Statement of Work, and Mandatory Requirements.
  • Interested suppliers, must respond to a specific BOW posting with a description of their company's capabilities, as they relate specifically to the Statement of Work and Requirements to potentially receive a Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Suppliers may subscribe to receive automated e-mail notifications of upcoming business opportunities by logging into their iSupplier account and selecting the NAICS codes of interest to them.
  • Depending on the type of opportunity, BOW POSTINGS will be posted for a minimum of 3 business days.


  • Responding to an Opportunity

    If a Supplier needs assistance in submitting a response to a business opportunity via the BOW, see the below link. This document will walk Supplier through the process of submitting a response to an RFQ, RFI and Sources Sought posting type.  If a Supplier has a question regarding the specifics of a business opportunity, this link will also walk them through the process of submitting a question that will be routed directly to NTESS via the BOW. 

    Submitting a response to BOW

    What is a Request for Quote (RFQ)?

    • An RFQ is a notification to prospective Offerors by NTESS requesting submission of offers.
    • An opportunity posted as an RFQ, will serve as the RFQ. Unless an award cannot be made, this will be the only posting for this opportunity.
    • An RFQ posting means a purchase order is anticipated to be awarded from capable responses.
    • RFQs <$250K are typically posted for 3 business days and are designated “Small Business First”. (An RFQ <$250K is intended to be an award to a Small Business if the SB can meet the SOW, all mandatory requirements, all Terms and Conditions and is made at a fair and reasonable price.       If an award cannot be made to a capable SB first, then other offers may be considered.)


    What is a Sources Sought?

    • Sources Sought is a synopsis posted by NTESS seeking capable offerors for a business opportunity. Offerors who meet all the requirements will receive an RFQ.
    • Sources Sought postings are typically >$250K and can be posted up to 15 calendar days or more. At a minimum, the first 8 days of the posting will be as a Small Business set-aside.


    What is a Request for Information (RFI)?

    • NTESS will issue a RFI prior to releasing a Sources Sought or RFQ. This type of posting will give NTESS a better understanding of vendor interest and if a vendor can provide the product and/or service. Responses submitted to the RFI will help NTESS craft the potential RFQ in a way that will generate the best responses.
    • RFI postings do not have a limit on the number of days posted.


  • Small Business Commitment

    Sandia is committed to providing maximum, practicable opportunities for small businesses. All postings to our BOW solicit small and diverse small businesses to respond to the business opportunities listed. Responses received will enable Sandia to evaluate the interest, availability, and technical capability of responsible small businesses to determine the feasibility of making any opportunity listed a small business set-aside.

    National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia (NTESS) is committed to executing a 5-percent pricing preference per Prime Contract No. DE-NA0003525, Section J - Appendix E, Small Business Subcontracting Plan. 

  • Requirements for Socioeconomic and Business Classification

    Sandia is required to obtain socioeconomic and business classifications. Suppliers responding to a given opportunity, will be asked questions about their business size statuses. To be considered small, a supplier must provide a self-certification on its business size for the NAICS associated with that opportunity and meet the required Business Size Standard as established by the Small Business Administration prior to award. It is strongly encouraged that suppliers be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) or, if unable to register in SAM after receiving assistance from Sandia's Supplier Diversity Department, completing a new Supplier Data Sheet (SDS) for each new subcontract award. Sandia may accept a supplier's representation of its size and socioeconomic status as a small business, small disadvantaged business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned business, or a women-owned small business in SAM if the supplier is registered in SAM or provides a new SDS for each new subcontract award and the supplier represents that the size and socioeconomic status representations made in SAM or on the SDS are current, accurate and complete as of the date of the offer for the subcontract.

    Note: If a certificate error is visible when navigating to the SAM link, please ignore the certificate error and continue to the website.

  • Qualifications Requirements

    The Business Opportunities Website promotes current subcontracting opportunities at Sandia for responsible suppliers to supply their products and services in support of Sandia's mission objectives. Subcontracting opportunities are listed in accordance with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

    Please note the following:

    • Major revisions or cancellations may occur with subcontracting opportunities.
    • Sandia reserves the right to change the competition type from Competitive to Set-Aside prior to the release of the Request for Quotation (RFQ).
    • Sandia may post opportunities as "Small Business First" on RFQs under $250,000 directly from the BOW, allowing for expedited purchases and increased small business participation. Sandia's intention is to set the award aside when offers that meet the Statement of Work, all mandatory requirements, and all Sandia terms and conditions, and offers are made at fair market prices. If the preceding criteria are not met, then other offers may be considered.
    • If capability information is requested on an opportunity, be advised that Sandia will not issue a supplier an RFQ unless clear and convincing information is submitted, indicating that the supplier's organization has the necessary relevant experience (including applicable experience and past performance i.e. GSA or other government contracts), can fulfill the requirements of the statement of work, and can meet each mandatory requirement. If a supplier does not adequately address each mandatory requirement, and Sandia does not have information indicating otherwise, the presumption will be that the supplier is not a viable competitor. In any case, the Sandia Buyer is the final arbiter on who receives an RFQ.
    • Advertising or marketing information submission is prohibited on this site.
  • Top NAICS Codes

    Sandia's subcontracting opportunities are assigned the NAICS code and corresponding size standard that best describes the principal purpose of the subcontract.

    Below are the top Fiscal Year 2016 subcontracting awards by NAICS codes:

    FY18: Top NAICS by Subcontract Dollars Awarded

    NAICS NAICS Description
    541519 Other Computer Related Services
    541712 Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
    236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
    541330 Engineering Services
    334111 Electronic Computer Manufacturing
    541715 Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology Biotechnology)
    332710 Machine Shops
    334516 Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
    561210 Facilities Support Services
    541511 Custom Computer Programming Services

    FY18: Top NAICS by Quantity of Subcontract Awards (non-CPA)

    NAICS Subsector NAICS Description
    334 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
    541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
    332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
    333 Machinery Manufacturing
    561 Administrative and Support Services
    811 Repair and Maintenance
    325 Chemical Manufacturing
    511 Publishing Industries (except Internet)
    611 Educational Services
    335 Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component Manufacturing

    *NAICS codes in Sectors 42, 44, and 45 are being phased out and are no longer used on new subcontract opportunities due to requirements from the Small Business Administration. Rather, the associated manufacturing code for goods and supplies is assigned prior to subcontract award.

  • Legal Disclosure

    Major revisions or cancellations may occur with subcontracting opportunities and does not obligate Sandia to award a subcontract. Sandia reserves the right to change the competition type prior to release of the Request for Quote (RFQ).