Supplier Registration

Step 1: Access iSupplier Portal Registration Page

iSupplier Registration page: Register here

To register in Sandia’s iSupplier Portal go to the Registration Page and fill out both of the required pages before clicking the register button.

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of the iSupplier registration you will receive an email containing a username and a temporary password. You will need to change your password within 3 days upon receipt of the email.

Step 2: Enter Company Name & Contact Information

To begin your company’s registration, you must enter the required information:

  • Legal Company Name
  • Tax Country
  • Non-US Tax Registration Number
  • Federal Tax ID Number
  • DUNS Number
  • Additional Contact Information

Step 3: Create Address Book Entry & Provide NAICS Code(s) and Business Classification(s)

To continue your company’s registration, you must create an address book entry.
Note: Each address will require a different DUNS number.

Additionally, businesses will be required to provide NAICS code and Small Business Socio-Economic information.

Helpful Links: Small Business Administration

Step 4: Add Attachments

To complete your company’s registration, please attach companies W-8 or W-9 and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Forms.

Step 5 (Highly Recommended): Register for Systems for Award Management (

Suppliers are highly encouraged to register at as a means of providing necessary information.

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a government portal that enables secure registration as a potential supplier of products or services to Sandia National Laboratories and other government agencies and contractors. Sandia’s Supplier Diversity Department is available to aid prospective suppliers with their SAM registration. Should registration prove unfeasible, a supplier must complete a new Supplier Data Sheet (SDS) for each new subcontract award. This will ensure compliance with the Federal government’s requirement that the information must be current, accurate, and complete for each subcontract awarded.

Step 6: Subscribe to the Business Opportunities Website (BOW)

Once your iSupplier registration is approved, your company can subscribe to receive notifications when business opportunities are posted that align with the NAICS codes to which your company asserts.

Step 7: Submit a Response to an Opportunity

Once your iSupplier registration is approved, your company can respond to postings/opportunities from the BOW through your iSupplier Account by the postings close date.

Additional Resources:

For more detailed information refer to the Job Aides below.

For Existing iSupplier Accounts: