COVID-19 Work Practices for Subcontractors

Sandia remains operational for mission essential functions to meet its national security missions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sandia and its related subcontractors have a special responsibility to maintain staffing and working schedules to perform essential activities.

To ensure Sandia can continue to meet its national security mission by minimizing the spread of COVID-19 across the organization, Sandia has implemented COVID-19 Safe and Secure Work Practices that must be reviewed by each subcontractor employee prior to accessing a Sandia facility. As a reminder, Sandia’s subcontractors and their employees are not to enter any Sandia facilities if they are ill or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

Required Face Coverings

Fully vaccinated members of the workforce and visitors are no longer required to wear face coverings on-site, except at the badge office and the Sandia Medical clinic, but can continue to do so if they prefer. At the California site, face coverings are not required outdoors (except during outbreaks), regardless of vaccination status. Members of the workforce should check local rules and regulations before traveling for work since guidance differs by state and changes regularly.

Those who are required to wear face coverings should do so unless you are in your vehicle or in your office or lab by yourself, in accordance with local regulations. If a subcontractor employee with a security clearance is cited by officials for not wearing a face covering (including off-duty and off-site), the citation is reportable to DOE and information about the citation may be included in future security clearance re-investigations. See DOE and Sandia Reporting Requirements.

Face coverings with exhalation valves are strictly prohibited, as these devices do not provide source control of the virus. Exhalation valves allow the user’s breath to escape directly from the mask and defeats the intended purpose of protecting others around you.

If you have a health concern regarding face-covering usage, contact Sandia’s Medical Clinic at (505) 284-4700.

Daily Health Screening

To help prevent those who may be at risk of spreading the virus from coming on-site, Sandia conducts daily health screenings of individuals prior to entering any Sandia facility. There are two options for subcontractor employees to complete a daily health screening, the mobile/desktop app or an in-person screening:

Mobile or Desktop App

Subcontractor employees with an Sandia username or SNL ID can use Sandia’s Health Check app to complete the daily screening requirement before coming on-site. Visitors and candidates can also use the Health Check app. The app is available on Sandia-owned and personally-owned phones and computers and can be accessed by visiting then clicking the “Sandia Health Check” quick link or by navigating to the following URL:

In-Person Health Screening Locations

Subcontractor employees who cannot access the app can report to one of the in-person screening locations prior to accessing any Sandia facility each day, listed below.

If the health screening app or in-person check locations are inaccessible, in certain circumstances, subcontractor employees can fulfill the daily health screening requirement via an alternate process with approval by Sandia (the subcontract Sandia Delegated Representative, Subcontracting Professional, and Sandia Medical).


Call Sandia Medical at (505) 284-4700 for an evaluation and possible referral for testing.

  • New Mexico testing occurs behind the Innovation Parkway Office Center at 1611 Innovation Parkway from 1-3 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on Friday.
  • California testing occurs in the parking lot of Bldg 925 Monday-Thursday by appointment.

Wear a face covering and bring a photo ID to the test site. Sandia medical staff will call individuals who test positive.

Positive Test Reporting Requirement

Subcontractors must notify Sandia Medical and their Subcontracting Professional if they have an employee who tests positive for COVID-19 and has visited any Sandia facility in the previous 14 days:

  1. Call Sandia Medical at (505) 284-4700. The receptionist will route your notification to a provider who will take the report over the phone.
  2. Notify the Sandia Subcontracting Professional for your subcontract.

Request a Vaccine

Members of the Workforce are encouraged to obtain a vaccine through any community distribution point they can. Register on the NMDOH or My Turn CA websites or check with your pharmacy or medical provider.