TRGR Technology Readiness Initiative

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NM businesses can accelerate the maturation of cutting-edge technologies from Sandia and LANL

The TRGR Technology Readiness Initiative provides New Mexico businesses the opportunity to work directly with scientists and engineers at Los Alamos or Sandia national laboratories to advance the maturation of patents, patent applications, and software related to an active license between the lab and business or developed under an active Cooperative Research and Development Agreement in which the business is a participant.

  • Work may include prototyping, proof-of-concept, and technical validation among other approved activities.
  • The assistance provided to the business must NOT be available in the private sector. All project work must be complete within 12 months from when the work begins.
  • Participating companies cannot have an active NMSBA project within the same calendar year.


New Mexico businesses may receive up to $150,000 worth of assistance (cost of labor/materials for national lab staff) per year. These projects must demonstrate a strong likelihood for successful maturation to a product or service in the commercial market.

Business Eligibility

Eligible businesses will be registered to do business in New Mexico and possess the following:

  • A bona-fide New Mexico place of business
  • A NM tax identification (CRS) number
  • A certificate of good standing from the NM Secretary of State’s office
  • An active license or an active CRADA with
    Sandia National Laboratories.

Project Selection Process

  • New Mexico businesses must submit a
    Statement of Intent 
  • The laboratories will complete an
    Eligibility Interview 
  • Eligible companies will complete a Full Written Proposal
    and prepare a presentation 
  • Invited companies will present to the TRGR Review Panel
  • Funding Decisions 

TRGR Statement of Intent

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(520KB PDF)

TRGR Selection Process

  • Submit a Statement of Intent
  • Participate in an Eligibility Interview
  • Complete a Full Written Proposal
  • Present to the TRGR Review Panel

Statement of intent should be submitted to:

Sharon Evans
Sandia National Laboratories | 505-845-9671

Julia Wise
Los Alamos National Laboratory | 505-665-5827