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The Atomic Mr. Basie

The Sandia Jazz Orchestra performed its inaugural concert, The Atomic Mr. Basie, before an enthusiastic crowd of jazz fans at the Steve Schiff Auditorium Feb. 20. Launched in October 2019, the SJO is part of the Sandia Bands Association, the newest social association sponsored by the Sandia Employee Recreation Program.

Saving strangers

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network reports that there are currently 95,000 people on the national kidney waiting list. In 2019, Sandia data engineer Lawrence Allen became one of 355 living, anonymous donors who made that list move, joining a total of just 2,770 donors to date.

Help wanted: People with passion for national security

Associate Labs Director Andy McIlroy said Integrated Security Solutions is on track to meet its projected hiring goals for fiscal year 2019. The hiring team's primary goal is to help implement processes where new-hires can feel welcome to reach out with questions and ideas to help make their integration into Sandia as smooth as possible.

‘Safety is a State of Mind(fulness)’

Celebrated annually in June, National Safety Month is an important opportunity to raise awareness about safety and health in the workplace. Throughout the month, Sandia Health Benefits and Employee Services and Safety organizations at the Livermore and Albuquerque campuses teamed up to host an array of speakers, activities and events.