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The Employee Health Services Team (3300) was instrumental in Sandia winning the New Mexico’s Healthiest Employer 2015 Award in the large company category. To compete for the title, companies submit a comprehensive nomination questionnaire and an online survey. Employers are scored using the Healthiest Employer Index (HEI), which measures factors such as an organization’s wellness culture, strategy, communications, programming, and analysis. Out of a possible 100, Sandia’s HEI score is 86.92 whereas the national average is 49.23. (3300) IMS, LF

Making a mark in social media

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Darrick Hurst, a driving force behind Sandia’s use of social media to amplify the Labs’ accomplishments, won three awards in FY15 for Sandia’s social media strategy and its impact. (Photo by Randy Montoya)

While Sandia’s social media program consistently wins awards, recent recognition reached a new level. Darrick Hurst, a driving force behind Sandia’s use of social media to amplify the Labs’ accomplishments, won the Apex Grand Award in FY15, as well as the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts Communicator Award of Distinction and the PRSA Cumbre Award. Sandia’s social media channels continue to grow significantly (28 percent growth across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube). WIRED magazine featured Sandia social media as one of five best places to follow “spectacular science.” (3600) IMS, LF

The Reapplication Team makes a difference in the lives of children in our community. This year’s K-12 event resulted in the successful donation of 2,341 computers and laptops, valued at more than $4.1 million, to 34 New Mexico schools. The Reapplication Team received excellent feedback from the schools, which indicated the computers and equipment will be used to establish new computer centers and replace aging computers and equipment. Providing surplus computers is a community service and demonstrates good stewardship of assets. (10200) IMS, LF

The Retirement Investment Management organization completed additional benchmarking and fee negotiation projects resulting in reductions of investment fees for both the Retirement Income Plan (pension) and the Savings and Income Plan (401(k)). These reductions began in FY15 and will continue in future years, helping increase the funded status of the pension and providing greater net investment returns to participant accounts in the 401(k). (10500) IMS, LF

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Recruiting Specialist Ken Holley was selected to receive the prestigious Community Service Award at the annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM Conference Feb. 18-20, 2016, in Philadelphia. Ken was nominated by HR VP Melonie Parker and received letters of recommendation from current and former Sandia executives as well as diversity recruiters and university officials.  In addition to his involvement and leadership with numerous education and community organizations, Ken has an outstanding record serving Sandia in recruiting-related activities for more than 30 years. Ken was also named a recipient of a 2015 Outstanding Service Award from the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs.   This award honored Ken for his contributions to educational advancement and economic empowerment in New Mexico’s African American community. Ken joined Sandia in 1985 and holds a B.A. degree from Winston Salem State University and an MBA from Oral Roberts University.

The W87 Fuze AFA and its components realized earned value process, metrics, and reporting that empowered project management and met rigorous customer objectives through the efforts of organizations 10620 and 10650. This success demonstrates collaboration between Sandia/New Mexico and Sandia/California organizations and provides high-fidelity insight into schedule and cost performance, impacts, and options for corrective action. It also affected broad management use, including a newly implemented monthly PM/EVM review, and met with customer approval at both the FY15 Internal Baseline Review and the FY16 Schedule Surveillance events. (10600) NW, NW

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Sandia developed a fog chamber to test optics, like security camera sensors, in a controlled environment. Sandia chemical engineer Andres Sanchez checks an instrument that measures the particle size and concentration of the fog in the chamber’s atmosphere.  (Photo by Randy Montoya)

After Sandia helped build a controlled fog chamber to test sensors for defense and other applications, various communication efforts amplified the impact of the development. News accounts based on a news release, along with social media promotions, led to several business leads. The US Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate plans to begin testing this year, several businesses contacted Sandia after the news release was published, and FedEx contacted Sandia to inquire about using the fog chamber for its R&D. (3600, 1100, 6500, 2100, 1700)  IMS, LF

In FY15, the Business Staffing Team (BST) interviewed more than 1,000 applicants and hired approximately 130 regular employees and 60 student interns for the Business Community. The BST engaged in campus recruiting at more than 10 universities and brought in experienced business management professionals, project controllers, cost analysts, supply chain representatives, audit, and specific-need candidates for interviews. The BST has been recognized as a best practice at the Labs. (10600) IMS, LF

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Lifecycle Materials Management use of RFID reduces reconciliation time and increases research time.

Chemicals play a huge role in supporting Sandia’s mission, and understanding and managing those chemicals can be time-consuming and tedious. The Lifecycle Materials Management (LCMM) program determined that Sandia needed a better way to track chemicals used —  that’s where RFID came in. Since the RFID program began, LCMM has reduced the number of chemicals by more than 30,000 and taken reconciliation from hours/days to seconds/minutes. This gives chemical users more time to do the valuable research they perform in support of Sandia’s mission.  (10200) IMS, LF

The 90-day Welcome Wagon initiative is targeted at employees new to the Financial and Business Management Center. It ensures that individuals understand the importance of Sandia’s safety culture. During their first week, new employees will be greeted by their skip-level manager to discuss the 90-day experience. The employee’s immediate manager will continue the safety discussions and assist with various 30-, 60-, and 90-day safety challenges. The Welcome Wagon will roll out across all of the CFO and Business Operations Divisions during FY16. (10500) IMS, LF

In FY15 the Total Rewards team refined processes and delivered quality improvements. Compensation & Performance designed and requested a market band structure update and geo-differential adjustment from DOE/ NNSA and received approval for both, in addition to providing performance management training and a new consolidated Compensation website. Retirement, Savings, and Absence Management launched a self-service retirement estimator, implemented the FMLA rolling 12 calculation method, and a new behavioral health return-to-work model to assist employees in their transition back to work after an absence. (3500) IMS, LF

Media Relations, in collaboration with NNSA and technical organizations across the Labs, hosted a national crew from PBS NewsHour for a day to examine work on the B61-12 Life Extension Program and discuss stockpile stewardship. The nine-minute broadcast on Nov. 5 portrayed Sandia positively to a national audience and included footage from other NNSA sites.  (3600, 2100, 2500, 1500, 1300) IMS, LF

Inclusion is Sandia’s choice

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Inclusion is a conscious choice. It is Sandia’s choice.

Sandia’s Diversity & Inclusion Organization in collaboration with strategic partners from across the Labs, has created a variety of learning and awareness programs geared to actively engage employees in workplace diversity and inclusion dialogue. This includes Sandia’s Diversity Cinema and Workshops-in-a-box tools, which were recently identified as a best practice in the DOE complex. Sandia was invited to present these proactive employee engagement practices at the September National Laboratories Directors Council Diversity Forum. Mission Support (3010) IMS, LF

In FY15, Human Resources’ Talent Acquisition Department hired 1,058 new staff into the Labs, an increase of 66 percent over the prior year. This effort required significant coordination within the department and coordination with HR’s Talent Management & Development (TM&D) team to deliver onboarding and to meet a 12 percent increase in demand for training. TM&D also significantly enhanced Sandia’s management development program, combining existing classes into a competency-focused list for management and emerging leaders. (3500) IMS, LF

The Accounting Services and Payroll departments were awarded the 2015 Piñon recognition award by Quality New Mexico. Through assessments and site visits, the departments demonstrated systematic processes and data that strengthened overall operations and attained improved outcomes. Accounting Services focused on providing accurate reporting of Sandia’s financial results and tax filings while Payroll focused on providing accurate payment of compensation and excellent customer service. Their efforts proved they are a model organization committed to providing the best products and services to their respective customers. (10500) IMS, LF

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Ann Riley was recognized by Women’s Enterprise as a Top 100 Leader at the Women’s Business Council Southwest “Salute to the Stars” event. Ann, a Small Business Advocate, was noted as one of the best and the brightest among Women Business Enterprises and the companies that track their unique contributions. She was selected as an influential leader who has gone above and beyond to ensure inclusive supply chains, and that puts her and Sandia in the top 100 for corporate supplier diversity.