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Sandia’s Prime Contract Group (11011) partnered with the NNSA Sandia Field Office to successfully update the current Prime Contract with more than 60 new clauses. The hard work and long hours put in by the Prime Contract Group facilitated DOE’s announcement that it has extended the current contract through April 30, 2017, thus enabling Sandia to continue undisrupted its focus on mission deliverables. (11000) IMS, LF

Approval of CREATE CD-1, Authorization to pursue development of Alternative Finance Proposal:

  • Enables Sandia to expand and enhance collaborative programs in hydrogen science, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, energy, and biosciences;
  • Further defines the Livermore Valley Open Campus as the “front door” for the California site;
  • Shifts unclassified activities to General Access Areas, making room in Limited Areas for growing classified work; and
  • Provides a modern workspace to attract and retain a world-class workforce. IMS, LF

The Quality Maturity Assessment (QMA) completed the second year of a three-year plan to assess quality outcomes and identify opportunities for Labs-wide improvement. Opportunities identified in the FY15 QMA are being addressed in partnership with the Quality Roundtable (QRT), a cross-organizational community with representatives from all divisions and PMUs. The collaboration between QMA and QRT has increased workforce understanding and implementation of quality-related principles and is leading to sustainable improvements. (0700) IMS, LF

Sandia’s Subcontract Audit Department supported the DOE complex in establishing a robust subcontract audit program. Members of the department were featured presenters at a three-day subcontract audit training forum offered to audit and procurement professionals from 11 DOE sites. They shared experience gained through auditing subcontractors to Sandia, including risk analysis techniques, regulatory requirements, and Sandia’s strategies for assuring a risk-based approach to placing and auditing contracts. (0800) IMS, LF

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The Operational Innovation Office drives increased integration and efficiencies across Sandia by exploring opportunities, benchmarking and researching outside of Sandia, gathering ideas at all levels of the organization, providing tools, measures, Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinker training and services, and communicating results for continuous improvement. The efficiency goal for FY15 was $75 million. Sandia achieved $132.8 million in FY15 cost savings and cost avoidances, which exceeded last year’s result by $40 million. (700) IMS, LF