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Reports authored by Sandia National Laboratories can be obtained through the following sources:

Featured Publications

Lab News

Lab News publication

The Lab News is distributed to employees and retirees, as well as individuals in industry, government, academia, nonprofit organizations, media, and private life who request it.

Labs Accomplishments

Labs Accomplishments publication

This year’s Labs Accomplishments publication recognizes some of Sandia’s best work during 2021, as submitted by center offices and selected by division offices.

70 ways Sandia changed the nation

70 Ways publication

Since 1949, Sandia National Laboratories has developed science-based technologies that support our national security. Americans depend on Sandia’s technology solutions to solve national and global threats to peace and freedom. View 70 of those solutions at the interactive website, or download as a PDF.

Environmental Reports

Annual Site Envrionmental Report

The latest published environmental reports about Sandia’s major sites.

Economic Impact

Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impact Report shows Sandia’s impact on the local economy.

Fact Sheets

Partnerships Annual Reports

Technology Partnerships Annual Report

Highlights of Sandia’s partnerships with industry and universities.

Research Magazine

Sandia Research Magazine

Cutting-edge research and technology highlights.

HPC Annual Report

HPC Annual Report

High Performance Computing (HPC) Annual Reports present cornerstone projects that were accomplished on Sandia’s Institutional Computing scientific computing systems.

COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Research

Sandia National Laboratories has more than 50 COVID-19 science and engineering projects that are designed to help the nation during the pandemic.

Strategic Plan

Sandia 2016 Strategic Plan

Sandia’s FY16–FY20 Strategic Plan both reflects our continued dedication to the work we do and reinforces the importance of the integrated Laboratories’ strategic framework to out future.