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FY15 brought the advent of the Cyber Intelligence Threat Analysis Center (CITAC), a cyber “war room.” CITAC enhances the Labs’ Cyber Security program’s ability to address active cyberthreats against Sandia resources. The facility promotes collaboration among Sandia’s cyber defenders and other cyber experts, both internal and external to the Labs. Cyberthreat intelligence is collected and analyzed. The outcome of the analysis is shared across the Nuclear Security Enterprise with the end result being a hardened cyber environment across the complex. (9300) IMS, Cyber

Nine Test and Evaluation activities were completed for the DHS Transition to Practice Program. The program examines promising new cyber-related security technologies identified from all government laboratories, helps them understand their deficiencies (both security-related and in functionality), and provides a venue to promote their continued development toward licensing and use in both private and government sectors. (9500, 8900, 5600) IHNS, Cyber