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Nuclear weapon security

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Proven engineered system to mitigate national security threats.

Sandia physical security experts were tasked with designing and implementing several security upgrades at a NATO military base in a foreign locale. The team installed several security systems, while replacing the entry control and taxi-way gates. All work was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. The Government Acceptance Test Team commented that it was “one of the best systems” they had evaluated. (6500) IHNS, GNAS

Sandia will start the development of the Mobile Guardian Transporter (MGT) for the NNSA Office of Secure Transportation (OST). The MGT is the third-generation secure system for over-the-road transport of weapons and special nuclear materials within the United States. It will take several years to develop, and the effort will require expertise from across Sandia as the safety and security requirements for the new transporter are rigorous and challenging. (6600) GNAS NW

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A user holds a tablet computer in a field setting, showing the DataShare home screen.

Responding to a nuclear terrorism incident requires interdisciplinary technical teams dispersed across the nation to urgently diagnose and recommend course-of-action alternatives to render safe imminent threat devices. Distributing technical data from the field working point to home teams that analyze diagnostic images and technical data has now been greatly simplified using Sandia-developed DataShare applications. Sandia DataShare now automatically routes electronic files through specialized channels to decision-makers,  accelerating timely decisions. (6600) IHNS, GNAS