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Message from the President

Jill Hruby
Jill Hruby

When I first came to Sandia in 1983, one of the things that attracted me was that I hadn’t come across any other institution in the nation quite like it. There were plenty of interesting places, plenty of interesting labs, but Sandia was different; it was engaged in fascinating work not just in one or two specialized areas but across a broad range of technical fields. I found that irresistible.

I was equally attracted to the opportunity of applying my skills in service to the nation. I liked the idea that what we did each day when we showed up for work was consequential, that the nation depended on us to deliver on the challenges it asked us to take on.

Over the past 30-plus years, I have become only more impressed with the scope of our capabilities. We are more than the sum of our parts. Our deep science and engineering foundations provide us with a cross-disciplinary advantage that lets us solve some of the nation’s toughest problems.

This year’s edition of Labs Accomplishments drives home that point. You’ll read about advances we’re making in solving some of the most complex problems that face the nation through our nuclear weapons and nuclear security work, in supporting our nation’s warfighters, in addressing energy challenges, and in preparing for future national security threats and challenges including the ever-more-important spheres of cyberspace and biology. And we’re achieving those remarkable results through teaming. I’m proud to note that we’re doing our work more safely, with a more diverse workforce, and that our mission support operations are continuing to raise the bar in the integrated support they provide.

Each Sandian plays a role in Labs Accomplishments. If there is a theme for 2016, it is one that resonates with us all: We are here for the nation.

—  Jill Hruby, Sandia President and Laboratories Director

Sandia’s Mission Areas

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— From Sandia’s 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan

Labs Foundation underpins Mission Areas

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The Laboratories’ foundation — the very base that gives our institution its energy, meaning, and uniqueness — is composed of our people, research, facilities and tools, and capabilities. In keeping with our vision to be the nation’s premier science and engineering laboratory for national security and technology innovation, we recruit the best and the brightest, equip them with world-class facilities and tools, and build upon long-standing research by advancing the frontiers of science and engineering, giving rise to unique capabilities that differentiate Sandia’s ability to deliver its mission.


You’ll see two sets of acronyms following most of the accomplishments in this document. The first set, following the center numbers in parentheses, indicates which of Sandia’s program management units (PMUs) the work most directly supported. The PMU acronyms are:

  • NW: Nuclear Weapons
  • DSA: Defense Systems & Assessments
  • IHNS: International, Homeland, & Nuclear Security
  • EC: Energy & Climate
  • IMS: Integrated Mission Support

The second set of acronyms, in brackets, indicates in which of Sandia’s mission areas the work was completed. Those acronyms are:

  • NW: Nuclear Weapons
  • GNAS: Global Nuclear Assurance and Security
  • CYBER: Cyberspace
  • SDP: Synergistic Defense Products
  • RGCBD: Reduce Global Chemical and Biological Dangers
  • SSEF: Secure and Sustainable Energy Future
  • NSSI: National Security Space Innovations
  • LF: Laboratories Foundations