NSPC Publications

Selected Publication Summaries

  1. Nanophotonics Research Publications – April 2017
  2. Silicon Photonics – April 2019

Optical Metamaterials (updated Aug 2017)

O. Wolf, S. Campione, Y. Yang, and I. Brener, “Multipolar second harmonic generation in a symmetric nonlinear metamaterial”, Scientific Reports, 7: 8101 (2017).

M. Parry, A. Komar, B. Hopkins, S. Campione, S. Liu, A.E. Miroshnichenko, J. Nogan, M.B. Sinclair, I. Brener, and D.N. Neshev, “Active tuning of high quality-factor dielectric metasurfaces”, Applied Physics Letters, 111, 053102 (2017).

S. Liu, Vaskin, Aleksandr; Campione, Salvatore; O. Wolf, M. Sinclair, J. Reno, G. Keeler, I. Staude, I. Brener, “Huygens’ metasurfaces enabled by magnetic dipole resonance tuning in split dielectric nanoresonators”, Nano Letters, 17(7), pp.4297-4303  (2017).

X. Ma, A.R. James, N.F. Harmann, J.K. Balwin, J. Dominguez, M.B. Sinclair, T.S. Luk, O. Wolf, S. Liu, S.K. Doorn, H. Htoon, and I. Brener, “Solitary Oxygen Dopant Emission from Carbon Nanotubes Modified by Dielectric Metasurfaces”, ACS Nano, 11(6), p 6431-6439 (2017).

M. Shcherbakov, S. Liu, V. Zubyuk, A. Vaskin, P. Vabishchevich, G. Keeler, T. Pertsch, T. Dolgova, I. Staude, I. Brener, A. Fedyanin, “Ultrafast all-optical tuning of direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces”, Nature Communications,  8 (17) (2017).

Y. Yang, K. Kelley, E. Sachet, S. Campione, T.S. Luk, J.-P. Maria, M. B. Sinclair, and I. Brener, “Femtosecond Optical Polarization Switching Using a Cadmium-Oxide-Based Perfect Absorber”, Nature Photonics, 11, pp. 390-395 (2017).

D. Bruce Burckel, S. Campione, P.S. Davids, and M. B. Sinclair, “Three dimensional metafilms with dual channel unit cells”, Applied Physics Letters, 110 (143107) (2017).

Y. Yang, N. Kamaraju, S. Campione, S. Liu, J.L.Reno, M.B. Sinclair, R. P. Prasankumar, and I. Brener, “Transient GaAs Plsmonic Metasurfaces at Terahertz Frequencies,” ACS Photonics, 4(1), pp. 15-21 (2017).

S. Campione, S. Liu, L. Basillio, L. Warne, W. Langston, T. Luk, J. Wendt, G. Keller, I. Brener, M. Sinclair, “Broken symmetry dielectric resonators for high quality-factor Fano metasurfaces,” ACS Photonics, 3(12), pp. 2362-2367 (2016). (Journal Cover!)

S. Liu, G. A. Keller, J.L. Reno, M.B. Sinclair, and I. Brener, “III–V Semiconductor Nanoresonators—A New Strategy for Passive, Active, and Nonlinear All-Dielectric Metamaterials,” Advanced Optical Materials, 4(10), pp. 1457-1462 (2016). (Journal Cover!)

Silicon Photonics Journal Papers (updated Aug 2017)

S. Namnabat, K.-J. Kim, A. Jones, R. Himmelhuber, C. T. DeRose, D. C. Trotter, A. L. Starbuck, A. Pomerene, A. L. Lentine, and R. A. Norwood, “Athermal silicon optical add-drop multiplexers based on thermo-optic coefficient tuning of sol-gel material”, Optics Express 25(18), 212471-21482 (2017).

N. J. D. Martinez, M. Gehl, C. T. DeRose, A. L. Starbuck, A. T. Pomerene, A. L. Lentine, D.C. Trotter, and P.S. Davids,Single photon detection in a waveguide-coupled Ge-on-Si lateral avalanche photodiode”, Opt. Express 25 (14), pp. 16130-16139 (2017).

H. Cai, C. M. Long, C. T. DeRose, N. Boynton, J. Urayama, R. Camacho, A. Pomerene, A. L. Starbuck, D. C. Trotter, P. S. Davids, and A. L. Lentine, “Silicon photonic transceiver circuit for high-speed polarization-based discrete variable quantum key distribution,” Optics Express 25(11), pp. 12282-12294 (2017).

S. Liu, H. Cai, C. T. DeRose, P. Davids, A. Pomerene, A. L. Starbuck, D. C. Trotter, R. Camacho, J. Urayama, and A. Lentine, “>High speed ultra-broadband amplitude modulator with ultrahigh extinction >65dB”, Optics Express 25(10), 11254-11264 (2017).

M. Gehl, C. Long, D. Trotter, A. Starbuck, A. Pomerene, J. B. Wright, S. Melgaard, J. Siirola, A. L. Lentine, and C. DeRose, “Operation of High-Speed Silicon Photonics Micro-Disk Modulators at Cryogenic Temperatures,” Optica 4 (3), 374-382, (2017). [Journal Cover]

M. Gehl, D. Trotter, A. Starbuck, A. Pomerene, A. L. Lentine, and C. DeRose, “Active phase correction of high resolution silicon photonic arrayed waveguide gratings,” Optics Express 25 (6), 6320-6334 (2017).

X. Wang, R. Aguinaldo, A. Lentine, C. DeRose, A. L. Starbuck, D. Trotter, A. Pomerene, and S. Mookherjea, “Compact Silicon Photonic Resonance-assisted Variable Optical Attenuator,” Optics Express 24 (24), 27600-27613 (2016).

X. Wang, A. Lentine, C. DeRose, A. L. Starbuck, D. Trotter, A. Pomerene, and S. Mookherjea, “Wide-range and fast thermally-tunable silicon photonic microring resonators using the junction field effect,” Optics Express 24 (20), 23081-23093 (2016).

N. J. D. Martinez, C. T. Derose, R. W. Brock, A. L. Starbuck, A. T. Pomerene, A. L. Lentine, D.C. Trotter, and P.S. Davids, “High performance waveguide-coupled Ge-on-Si linear mode avalanche photodiodes,” Optics Express 24 (17), 19072-19081 (2016).

E. A. Douglas, P. Mahony, A. Starbuck, A. Pomerene, D. C. Trotter, and C. T. DeRose, “Effect of precursors on propagation loss for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of SiNx:H waveguides,” Optical Materials Express, 6(9), 2892-2903 (2016).

P.O. Weigel, M. Savanier, C.T. DeRose, A.T. Pomerene, A.L. Starbuck, A.L. Lentine, V. Stenger,S. Mookherjea, “Lightwave Circuits in Lithium Niobate through Hybrid Waveguides with Silicon Photonics,” Scientific Reports 6(22301) (2016).

A. M. Jones, C. T. DeRose, A. L. Lentine, A.Starbuck, A. T. S. Pomerene, and R. A. Norwood, “Racetrack resonator as a loss measurement platform for photonic components,” Optics Express 23 (22), 28883-28895 (2015).

H. Shin, J. A. Cox, R. Jarecki, A. Starbuck, Z. Wang, P. T. Rakich, “Control of Coherent Information via On-Chip Photonic–Phononic Emitter–Receivers,” Nature Communications 6 (6427) (2015).

J. A. Cox, A. L. Lentine, D. C. Trotter, and A. L. Starbuck, “Control of integrated micro-resonator wavelength via balanced homodyne locking,” Optics Express 22 (9), 11279-11289 (2014).

R. Aguinaldo, A. Forencich, C. T. DeRose, A. L. Lentine, D. C. Trotter, Y. Fainman, G. Porter, G. Papen, and S. Mookherjea, “Wideband silicon-photonic thermo-optic switch in a wavelength-division multiplexed ring network,” Optics Express 22 (7), 8205-8218 (2014).

H. Shin, W. Qiu, R. Jarecki, J. A. Cox, R. H. Olsson III, A. Starbuck, Z. Wang, P.T. Rakich, “Tailorable Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Nanoscale Silicon Waveguides,” Nature Communications 4 (1944) (2013).

A. M. Jones, C. T. DeRose, A. L. Lentine, D. C. Trotter, A. L. Starbuck, and R. A. Norwood , “Ultra-low crosstalk, CMOS compatible waveguide crossings for densely integrated photonic interconnection networks,” Optics Express 21 (10), 12002-12013 (2013).

R. D. Kekatpure, A. Lentine, “The suitability of SiGe multiple quantum well modulators for short reach DWDM optical interconnects,” Optics Express 21 (5), 5318-5331 (2013).

W. Zortman, A. Lentine, D. Trotter, and M. Watts, “Bit error rate monitoring for active wavelength control of silicon microphotonic resonant modulators,” IEEE Micro 33(1), pp.42-52 (2013).

C. T. DeRose, R. D. Kekatpure, D. C. Trotter, A. Starbuck, J. R. Wendt, A. Yaacobi, M.R. Watts, U. Chettiar, N. Engheta, and P.S. Davids, Electronically Controlled Optical Beam-Steering by an Active Phased Array of Metallic Nanoantennas, Optics Express 21 (4) 5198-5208 (2013)

M. R. Watts, J. Sun, C. DeRose, D. C .Trotter, R. W. Young, and G. N. Nielson, “Adiabatic thermo-optic Mach–Zehnder switch,”, Optics Letters 38 (5), 733-735 (2013).

W. A. Zortman, A. L. Lentine, D. C. Trotter, and M. R. Watts, “Low-voltage differentially-signaled modulators,” Optics Express 19 (27), 26017-26026 (2012).

W. A. Zortman, D. C. Trotter, A. L. Lentine, G. Robertson, A. Hsia, and M. R. Watts, “Monolithic and two-dimensional integration of silicon photonic micro-disks with microelectronics,” IEEE Photonics Journal 4 (1), 242-249 (2012).

A. Biberman, E. Timurdogan, W. A. Zortman, D. C. Trotter, and M. R. Watts, “Adiabatic microring modulators,” Optics Express 20 (28), 29223-29236 (2012).

C. T. DeRose, D. C. Trotter, W. A. Zortman, A. L. Starbuck, M. Fisher, M. R. Watts, and P. S. Davids, “Ultra compact 45 GHz CMOS compatible Germanium waveguide photodiode with low dark current,” Optics Express 19 (25), pp. 24897-24904 (2011).

M. R. Watts, W. A. Zortman, D. C. Trotter, R. W. Young, and A. L. Lentine, “Vertical junction silicon microdisk modulators and switches,” Optics Express 19 (2), 21989-22003 (2011).

W. A. Zortman, A. L. Lentine, D. C. Trotter, and M. R. Watts, “Long-distance demonstration and modeling of low-power silicon microdisk modulators,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23 (12), 819-821 (2011).

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W. A. Zortman, D. C. Trotter, M. R. Watts, “Silicon photonics manufacturing,” Optics Express 18 (23), 23598-213607 (2010).

Infrared Focal Plane Array Technology (updated Aug 2017)

  1. M.D. Goldflam, S. Campione, E. A. Kadlec, S. D. Hawkin, W. T.  Coon, T. R.  Fortune, S. Parameswaran, G. A. Keeler, J. F. Klem, A. Tauke-Pedretti, E. A. Shaner, P. S.  Davids, L. K Warne, J. R. Wendt, J. K. Kim, D. W. Peters, “Next-generation infrared focal plane arrays for high-responsivity low-noise applications,” 2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 4-11 March 2017, 1-7 (2017).
  2. M. D. Goldflam, Z. Fei, I. Ruiz, S. W. Howell, P. S. Davids, David W. Peters, and T. E. Beechem,  “Designing graphene absorption in a multispectral plasmon-enhanced infrared detectorOptics Express 25 (11), 12400-12408 (2017).
  3. F. Léonard, C. D. Spataru, M. Goldflam, D. W. Peters, and T. E. Beechem, “Dynamic Wavelength-Tunable Photodetector Using Subwavelength Graphene Field-Effect Transistors,” Scientific Report 7 (45873) (2017).
  4. B. V. Olson, J. F. Klem, E. A. Kadlec, J. K. Kim, M. D. Goldflam, S. D. Hawkins, A. Tauke-Pedretti, A. W. T. Coon, T. R. Fortune, E. A. Shaner, M. E. Flatté, “Vertical Hole Transport and Carrier Localization in InAs/InAs1−x Sbx Type-II Superlattice Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors,” Physical Review Applied 7, 024016 (2017).
  5. E. A. Kadlec, B. V. Olson, M. D. Goldflam, J. K. Kim, J. F. Klem, S. D. Hawkins, W. T. Coon, M. A. Cavaliere, A. Tauke-Pedretti, T. R. Fortune, C. T. Harris, E. A. Shaner, “Effects of electron doping level on minority carrier lifetimes in n-type mid-wave infrared InAs/InAs1−xSbx type-II superlattices,” Applied Physics Letters, 109, 261105 (2016).
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Surface Normal Optoelectronics

  1. G. A. Keeler et al., “Plasmonic Modulators Using Quantum Well Electroabsorption,” in preparation.
  2. D. K. Serkland, K. M. Geib, G. M. Peake, G. A. Keeler, and A. Y. Hsu, “850-nm VCSELs optimized for cryogenic data transmission,” in Proc. SPIE, (8276), 82760S-7, February 7, 2012.
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  4. G. A. Keeler, D. K. Serland, A. Y. Hsu, K. M. Geib, M. E. Overberg, and J. F. Klem, “High-Speed Switching of a 1.55-um Symmetric SEED,” Conf. Lasers Electro-optics (CLEO), paper CTuH5, May 4-9, San Jose, CA, 2008. (invited)

InP Photonic Integrated Circuits

  1. A. Tauke-Pedretti, G. A. Vawter, G. Whaley, E. Skogen, M. Overberg, G. Peake, C. Alford, D. Torres, J. R. Wendt, and F. Cajas, “Photonic Integrated Circuit for Channelizing RF Signals,” Conf. Lasers and Electro-optics (CLEO), paper CTu3G.5, San Jose, CA, June 9-14, 2013.
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