Advanced Packaging

The development of enabling photonic/electronic microsystems requires more than the invention of new and unique devices and structures. These devices must be individually packaged and interconnected to function together as an integrated system that can communicate effectively with the macro external world. One must understand the application requirements to anticipate and address a number of multidisciplinary engineering challenges. To maximize chances of success, packaging, assembly, and integration should be considered as early as possible.

Sandia staff members have many decades of experience developing not only first-of-a-kind R&D devices, but also high-reliability devices for space and national defense applications, as well as commercial products. Just a sample of recent and current projects includes high-speed, high-resolution X-ray cameras, remote sensors for space deployment, a variety of quantum devices operated at cryogenic temperatures, and autonomous chemical microsensor systems. We can help evaluate a variety of packaging and integration options, anticipating and addressing manufacturability, rework, thermal management, and materials compatibility issues. Strategic partnerships within Sandia as well as with other national laboratories, universities, and private industry enable the development and implementation of advanced microsystems packaging solutions with the greatest value

Trusted Packaging Capabilities

Seal and Encapsulation

  • Hermetic ceramic packaging
    • Solder lid seal
    • Parallel seam sealing
  • Glob top
  • Dam and fill


  • 3-D X-Ray Tomography
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • White Light Interferometry
  • Gross and Fine Leak Testing of Hermetic Packages
  • Mil-Std Inspection

Design and Development

  • Package design and selection (ceramic and plastic substrates)
  • Thermal management
    • Materials selection and evaluation
  • Packaging and assembly process development
  • Full custom microsystems and integration

Wire Bonding

  • Manual and automated wire bonding
  • Aluminum and gold wire
    • Wedge and ball bonding
  • Fine pitch (down to 50 µm)
  • High wire count
  • wire bonding to ceramic, organic and metal packages

Custom Packaging and Assembly

  • Multi-chip modules
  • Thermo-compression bonding
    • Die-to-die, wafer-to-wafer, and die-to-wafer
  • MEMs packaging and assembly
  • RF assembly
  • Optoelectronic assembly
  • Flex circuit assembly
  • Surface mount assembly
  • Rework and repackaging

Packaging Technologies

  • The Sandia Quality Management System is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Hermetic ceramic and plastic high reliability packaging (all standard configurations)
  • RF and optoelectronics packaging
  • MEMS packaging
  • Flex and surface mount assembly
  • Rapid hybrid microsystems prototyping
  • Ultra-miniaturization (3-D packaging and 3-D Integration)


  • Die singulation
  • MEMs dicing
  • Dicing of:
    • Si, glass, quartz, and various ceramics and organics
    • Up to 200 mm wafers
    • thinned wafers
    • Multi-project wafers

Flip Chip Assembly

  • Eutectic and high Pb solders
  • Au stud bumping (wafer or die)
  • Plastic and ceramic substrates
  • Precision underfill dispensing

Die Attach

  • Manual and automated, precision die placement
  • Conductive and nonconductive organic (epoxy) die attach materials
  • Eutectic die attach