2018 Winners

scientist inspects substance in vials

Detergent-assisted Fabrication of Multifunctional Nanomaterials

Application of ordinary detergents can produce uniform sizes and shapes of multifunctional materials at the nanoscale level, boosting their performance. Possible uses of the technique range from environmental cleanup to cancer treatment, while reducing costs. Watch the video.

scientist works with 3D xray contrast imaging system

Large Field-of-View Bench Top 3-D X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging System

This system makes it possible to image low-density materials such as the human body, polymers, epoxies, fillers, foams, plastics and other materials with as much as a thousand times more sensitivity than ordinary X-ray imaging. Watch the video.

artist rendering of swick zoom

SWiCK Zoom

SWiCK Zoom, a true optical zoom method that requires low power and no macroscopic parts to achieve millisecond-timescale changes to optical resolution and field of view, won in the analytical/test category. The project was co-developed with the Naval Research Laboratory. Watch the video

LAMPS supercomputer

LAMMPS: Atomistic Simulation of Materials

LAMMPS is a widely-used molecular dynamics simulation package that models materials from the atomistic to mesoscale to continuum scales. It can be run on desktop computers to the largest supercomputers to explore the structural and dynamic properties of materials and provide insights not easily accessible to experimental observation. Watch the video.

computer scientists collaborate in meeting

Power API

Power API, a standardized interface for power measurement and control for all types of computing systems, won in the IT/electrical category and received a special recognition for corporate responsibility. Watch the video.