2017 Winners

High-fidelity adaptive deception & emulation system

High-fidelity Adaptive Deception & Emulation System (HADES) Platform
HADES radically changes the way cybersecurity defenders protect their networks and gain insight on adversaries. The platform emulates a realistic environment of as many as 10,000 machines, creating a far richer deception than honeypots and other techniques. It encourages adversaries to stay long enough to reveal their intent, tools, and tactics. HADES then automatically sends information on adversaries to defenders.
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Solid sense gas analyzer on a chip

SolidSense “Gas Analyzer on a Chip”
Sandia researchers have developed a robust sensor platform that measures all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-regulated emissions. SolidSense provides exhaust chemistry feedback for engines, turbines, power plants, and other applications, improving combustion and fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. The sensor is the first of its kind to operate in hostile high-temperature environments without the need for cooling or filtration. It can be mass produced at low cost.
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control system for active damping of inter-area oscillations

Control System for Active Damping of Inter-area Oscillations
Today, electric power grids operate well below transmission capacity to avoid widespread outages due to inter-area oscillations. This new control system improves electric power grid reliability by continuously damping inter-area oscillations, allowing greater power transfer. This control system is the first successful grid demonstration of feedback control, making it a game changer in efforts to transform the existing grid into the future smart grid.
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Microgrid design toolkit

Microgrid Design Toolkit
This decision support software provides practitioners with the information they need to create preliminary microgrid designs that optimize performance, reliability, and cost. The toolkit, which is available as a free download from the U.S. Department of Energy, is a significant advancement over other available tools. It helps designers create microgrids that can provide power effectively during times of emergency and emergency recovery.
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Ultra-wide band gap power electronic device

Ultra-Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Devices
These devices would replace transformers with transistor-based electronics, enabling next-generation power electronics by providing switching speeds 10 times faster than the current state-of-the-art passive components. Ultra-wide bandgap power electronic devices are also smaller, more efficient, and less expensive, and would enable other components in electronic devices to be smaller as well. These devices can also function at higher operating temperatures and in high radiation environments such as space.
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