2016 Winners

falling particle receiver for concentrated solar energy

Falling Particle Receiver for Concentrated Solar Energy
The Falling Particle Receiver for Concentrated Solar Energy enables concentrated solar energy with thermal storage for on-demand electricity production, heating, and thermochemical processing at significantly higher efficiencies and lower costs.
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ultra fast x-ray imager

Ultra-fast X-ray Imager (UXI)
The UXI is the world’s fastest multi-frame digital X-ray camera, with applications ranging from imaging plasmas, electric discharges, and shock waves to visualizing intracellular biochemical processes.
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transceiver for quantum keys and encription

Transceiver for Quantum Keys and Encryption (T-QUAKE)
The T-QUAKE is an on-chip quantum transceiver capable of encoding, sending, receiving, and decoding quantum cryptographic signals for any secure communication, networking, or anti-tamper application.
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pyomo v4.1 software code

Pyomo v4.1
Pyomo v4.1 is open-source software for rapidly developing the next generation of powerful optimization-based strategies to solve complex, real-world problems.
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stress-induced fabrication of functionally designed nanomaterials

Stress-Induced Fabrication of Functionally Designed Nanomaterials
The Stress-Induced Fabrication of Functionally Designed Nanomaterials is an innovative, green, and economical process enabling the synthesis of new nanomaterials with tunable architectures and properties not attainable by current methods.
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Green Tech Special Recognition Award

precision high power battery tester

Precision High Power Battery Tester
The Precision High Power Battery Tester significantly improves battery life predictions, helping meet the growing demand for better, longer-life electrified vehicle and grid storage batteries.
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Market Disruptor Product Special Recognition Awards

Ultra-fast X-ray Imager (UXI)
See description on the left. Virtual Environmental Reactor Applications (VERA)
Sandia was a member of a consortium of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Electric Power Research Institute, Westinghouse Nuclear, and Idaho, Sandia, and Los Alamos national laboratories that received an award for Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA). VERA is a physics simulation tool that visualizes the internal processes of commercial nuclear fission power plants and predicts reactor behavior in a number of potential scenarios.