Advanced Controls

Sandia’s High Consequence, Automation, & Robotics (HCAR) team specializes in the development of advanced control technology that enables a range of applications such as the control of multiple heterogeneous unmanned systems by one operator, to the control of a swarm of robotic platforms operating toward a common goal. Our control technology is advancing the state-of-the-art in unmanned systems and robotics technology and is enabling ground-breaking applications.

One Control Many

One-Control Many

As unmanned systems (UMS) are increasingly used in the battlefield, advantages historically provided by strategy, tactics, and training must be translated into UMS control systems. It is a challenge to effectively control large numbers of UMS. The human operator must focus on high-level perception, tactics, and strategy while the system automates lower-level functions. HCAR is working to develop system controls technology for single operator, multiple UMS control.

Swarm Control Technology Robots in hallway

Swarm Control Technology

Learning from behaviors found in nature, such as a swarm of bees working independently and as a team toward a common goal, we can apply this approach to robotics technology to enable the development of new capabilities and technologies for a broad range of applications.

Multi Robot Cooperative Behavior illustration

Multi-Robot Cooperative Behavior

HCAR has developed advanced control technology to enable a single operator to control multiple robotic platforms that are able to not only perform a task independently, but can also cooperatively work with other robotic platforms to carry out a task or mission assigned to the team of robotics platforms by the operator. This control technology enables robotics technology to be applied to tasks and missions of greater complexity and difficulty.