2007 Winners

ArcSafe 2007

ArcSafe© with Pulsed Arrested Spark Discharge is a patented electrical wiring diagnostic that is effective in detecting and locating wiring insulation defects in commercial aircraft.
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Mode-Filtered Fiber Amplifier 2007

Mode-Filtered Fiber Amplifier is a breakthrough technology that enables the fabrication of practical, high-power, high-beam-quality laser sources that are compact, rugged, and extremely efficient.
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ElectroNeedle 2007

ElectroNeedle™ Biomedical Sensor Array is a device that, when pressed against the skin, can make rapid, multiplexed diagnostic measurements in a point-of-care setting.
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Self-Assembling Process for Fabricating Tailored Thin Films 2007

Self-Assembling Process for Fabricating Tailored Thin Films is a simple, economical nanotechnology coating process that enables the development of nanoparticle thin films with architectures and properties unattainable by any other processing method.
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Novint Falcon 2007

Novint Falcon and Novint/Sandia 3D-Touch Software (joint) is the first controller that makes high-fidelity, interactive, three-dimensional touch possible and practical for consumer computing applications.
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