Sandia’s Photonic Integrated Circuit Multi-Project Wafer Program

Sandia National Laboratories supports R&D collaborative multi-project wafer (MPW) runs for Photonic Integrated Circuits(PICs).  Sandia specializes in MPWs for U.S. entities that need export-control, collaborative development, and/or more platform flexibility than is offered by other commercial MPWs.  Sandia’s model is a design-assisted MPW.  Sandia is not a pure-play foundry.

Sandia has developed photonic integrated circuit technology in both silicon and InP platforms, through more than 18 years of research and development in each area.  With each platform, Sandia performs leading edge R&D and fabricates tailored photonics pathfinder and prototype devices for a variety of internal and external customers.  Sandia’s MPW offerings represent a mature subset of this technology.   Sandia also partners broadly in performing collaborative and custom work on technology not available in the MPW.  


Sandia operates a robust InP Photonic Integrated Circuit capability in our MESA compound semiconductor fab.  The InP PIC library contains more than 21 active and passive components, including tunable diode lasers, modulators, amplifiers, detectors, and interconnection optical waveguides on InP substrates for C-band operation. This capability rests on a foundation of state-of-the-art III-V semiconductor crystal growth using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and post-growth quantum-well band-gap modification using quantum-well intermixing (QWI) methods. 

Image of InP PIC injection locked

Silicon Photonics MPW:

Sandia runs a mature Silicon Photonics flow on our MESA silicon fab CMOS line. The Silicon Photonics PDK contains 22 passive components and 20 active components, available in a Synopsis PDK, including waveguides, rings, grating couplers, beam splitters, disk and ring modulators, Mach-Zehnder modulators, thermal phase shifters, and Ge detectors.  Three deliverables are available:  1) passive, 2) passive & active, and 3) passive & active & Ge photodiodes.

Image of SiPh MPW pic

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