TITANS - Technical Internships to Advance National Security

Gain comprehensive national security experience

Hands-on rotational opportunities with high-caliber technical mentors


Technical Internships to Advance National Security (TITANS) is an innovative Sandia program that allows you to choose a focused, stimulating internship experience in one of three technical tracks:

While working in your chosen track, you will gain valuable exposure to technical and national security challenges in all three tracks. This cross-collaborating exposure will equip you with a diverse set of experiences and skills. Your TITANS internship will also prepare and guide you toward a rewarding career path shaped by your unique interests and talents.

The TITANS program offers many benefits, including the following:

  • High-caliber technical mentorship
  • Unique environment with cutting-edge research projects
  • Development of valuable skills for students with varied backgrounds
  • Collaboration with the top technical students in the country
  • Hands-on projects with real-life applications that impact national security challenges
  • Rotational opportunities across the CASA, CCD, and MSTIC tracks

Application procedure

  1. Use Sandia's Careers tool to create a username and password.
  2. Browse the list of CASA, CCD, and MSTIC intern openings by entering "CASA," "CCD," or "MSTIC" into the Keywords text field, and clicking Search.
  3. Complete an online application for a specific intern opening.

Detailed instructions for using Sandia's Careers tool to apply for a position are also available.