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Sandia is well positioned to continue providing world-class research in quantum information sciences to serve the nation in an impactful way.

Sandia has built an exceptional Quantum Information Program spanning the entire breadth of Quantum Information Science (QIS) by working with leading edge researchers and through focused research programs that utilize our unique technical capability areas. Sandia has world-class researchers and cutting-edge facilities and is dedicated to supporting our engineering talent in all pursuits from design and test, to control systems and measurement.

We want to continue building on our 20 years of successful investments and R&D activities by working with you! If you are interested in joining our team and helping us push the art of the possible across all disciplines of quantum information science, please apply on Sandia’s Careers website or reach out to for additional information.

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“The breadth of QIS work at Sandia strikes a nice balance between basic and applied research. There is always something new going on and there are so many friendly and smart people to learn from. I also love the outdoors and New Mexico is a great place to be for hiking, climbing, and skiing.”

Andrew Baczewski, Sandia Technical Staff Member

“Sandia gives me the ability to tackle problems of national importance with the resources and teams necessary to address them at a large scale”

Rick Muller, Senior Manager of Advanced Microsystems

“I chose to start my career at Sandia because of the breadth of the research happening here and the opportunities this brings for cross-disciplinary collaboration. The people in our QIS program—and there are a lot of us!—have a wide variety of technical backgrounds, which means I’m constantly getting to learn new things. The in-house research here is similarly broad, encompassing theoretical and experimental directions across numerous domains, which makes Sandia a very interesting and dynamic place to work.

Alicia Magann, Harry S. Truman Fellowship Postdoc

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See current openings in a wide range of scientific fields on Sandia’s Careers website.

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