Quantum Projects

The Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed (QSCOUT)

A quantum computing testbed available to the research community.

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QSCOUT is a 5 year DOE program to build a quantum testbed based on trapped ions that is available to the research community. As an open platform, QSCOUT not only provides full specifications and control for the realization of all high level quantum and classical processes, it also enables researchers to investigate, alter, and optimize the internals of the testbed and test more advanced implementations of quantum operations.

For more information contact qscout@sandia.gov.

Trapped Ion Clock with photonic Technologies On Chip (TICTOC)

A miniature, highly mobile optical atomic clock enabled by integrated single-photon detectors and waveguide light delivery.

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TICTOC takes advantage of novel atomic interrogation protocols on ensembles of individually localized atomic ions. The microfabricated surface ion-traps developed at Sandia offer an ideal platform for transportable optical atomic clocks: photonics integrated directly in the surface trap can control and deliver light precisely to each atom and single-photon detectors can be fabricated directly under each atom for individual readout. The individual addressability and readout of the atoms is a key capability that allows us to significantly reduce resource and size requirements for our transportable optical atomic clock.

For more information contact tictoc@sandia.gov.

Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA)

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