Quantum Sensing

Sandia’s Quantum Information Program targets advances in the understanding and mastery of quantum systems for enabling the manipulation of information with greater sensitivity, speed, and security than is possible with classical information processing methods.

Our team leverages Sandia’s engineering facilities and expertise while drawing on our science base to link engineering with basic science. Through theory, computational modeling, and experimentation, our program advances the art of the possible in many facets of quantum information sciences.

Our program is focused on developing quantum sensing technologies to address pressing national security needs. Our team has exceptional expertise in miniaturizing quantum sensors and clocks with the aim of enabling new concepts of operations and operability. We have expertise across a variety technology area and are exploring the boundaries of application space in novel ways. Some of our key capabilities and projects can be seen below.

Key Capabilities

Quantum-enabled electric-field sensing/imaging capabilities that provide unprecedented electric field sensitivity and visualization

A powerful method for ultra-sensitive measurements of gravitational fields and their gradients

Non-invasive functional brain imaging systems using patented quantum sensors developed at Sandia

Quantum gravity and inertial sensors crucial for next-generation inertial navigation

Miniature, highly mobile optical atomic clocks enabled by integrated single-photon detectors and waveguide light delivery

Quantum Sensing Patents

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