Trapped Ions Publications and Patents


Sandia’s ion trapping research often combines multiple topical experts and research teams.  Our publications reflect that interdisciplinary nature, so here we list all of them and show which research areas each publication incorporates.

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Trap Characterization
AMO and QC Theory Clocks
“Bilayer ion trap design for 2D arrays”, G.N. Nop, J.D.H. Smith, D. Stick, D. Paudyal.  Quantum Science and Technology 9, 035015 (2024)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Precise micromotion compensation of a tilted ion chain”, C.W. Hogle, A.D. Burch, J.D. Sterk, M.N.H. Chow, M. Ivory, D.S. Lobser, P. Maunz, J. Van Der Wall, C.G. Yale, S.M. Clark, D. Stick, M.C. Revelle.  Frontiers in Quantum Science and Technology 3 (2024)QSCOUT IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Multi-site integrated optical addressing of trapped ions” J. Kwon, W.J. Setzer, M. Gehl, N Karl, J. Van Der Wall, R. Law, D. Stick, H.J. McGuinness.  Nature Communications 15, 3709 (2024)clocks
“Mitigating the Effects of Au-Al Intermetallic Compounds Due to High-Temperature Processing of Surface Electrode Ion Traps.” Raymond A. Haltli, E. Ou, C. D. Nordquist, S. M. Clark, M. C. Revelle. arXiv:2402.12546 [] (2024)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Open hardware solutions in quantum technology.” N. Shammah, A. S. Roy, C. G. Almudever, S. Bourdeauducq, A. Butko, G. Cancelo, S. M. Clark, J. Heinsoo, L. Henriet, G. Huang, C. Jurczak, J. Kotilahti, A. Landra, R. LaRose, A. Mari, K. Nowrouzi, C. Ockeloen-Korppi, G. Prawiroatmodjo, I. Siddiqi, W. J. Zeng. APL Quantum 1, 011501 (2024)QSCOUT Icon
“First-Order Crosstalk Mitigation in Parallel Quantum Gates Driven with Multi-Photon Transitions,” Matthew N. H. Chow, C. G. Yale, A. D. Burch, M. Ivory, D. S. Lobser, M. C. Revelle, S. M. Clark. Applied Physics Letters 124, 044002 (2024)QSCOUT Icon
“Superstaq: Deep Optimization of Quantum Programs,” C. Campbell, F. T. Chong, D. Dahl, P. Frederick, P. Goiporia, P. Gokhale, B. Hall, S. Issa, E. Jones, S. Lee, A. Litteken, V. Omole, D. Owusu-Antwi, M. A. Perlin, R. Rines, K. N. Smith, N. Goss, A. Hashim, R. Naik, E. Younis, D. Lobser, C. G. Yale, B. Huang, J. Liu. 2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), pp. 1020-1032 (2023)QSCOUT Icon
“Quantum Computation of Hydrogen Bond Dynamics and Vibrational Spectra.” Philip Richerme, M. C. Revelle, C. G. Yale, D. Lobser, A. D. Burch, S. M. Clark, D. Saha, M. A. Lopez-Ruiz, A. Dwivedi, J. M. Smith, S. A. Norrell, A. Sabry, S. S. Iyengar. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14, 7256-7263 (2023)QSCOUT Icon
“High-fidelity trapped-ion qubit operations with scalable photonic modulators” Craig W. Hogle, Daniel Dominguez, Mark Dong, Andrew Leenheer, Hayden J. McGuinness, Brandon P. Ruzic, Matthew Eichenfield, Daniel Stick. npj Quantum Information 9, 74 (2023)
“Error mitigation, optimization, and extrapolation on a trapped ion testbed,” Oliver G. Maupin, A. D. Burch, C. G. Yale, B. Ruzic, A. Russo, D. S. Lobser, M. C. Revelle, M. N. Chow, S. M. Clark, A. J. Landahl, P. J. Love. arXiv:2307.07027 [quant-ph] (2023) QSCOUT Icon
“Characterizing and mitigating coherent errors in a trapped ion quantum processor using hidden inverses.” Swarnadeep Majumder, C. G. Yale, T. D. Morris, D. S. Lobser, A. D. Burch, M. N. H. Chow, M. C. Revelle, S. M. Clark, R. C. Pooser. Quantum 7, 1006 (2023)
“Sample-efficient verification of continuously-parameterized quantum gates for small quantum processors” Ryan Shaffer, H. Ren, E. Dyrenkova, C. G. Yale, D. S. Lobser, A. D. Burch, M. N. H. Chow, M. C. Revelle, S. M. Clark, H. Häffner. Quantum 7, 997 (2023)QSCOUT Icon
“JaqalPaw: A Guide to Defining Pulses and Waveforms for Jaqal” Daniel Lobser, J. Goldberg, A. J. Landahl, P. Maunz, B. C. A. Morrison, K. Rudinger, A. Russo, B. Ruzic, D. Stick, J. Van Der Wall, S. M. Clark. arXiv:2305.02311 [quant-ph] (2023)QSCOUT Icon
“Frequency-robust Mølmer-Sørensen gates via balanced contributions of multiple motional modes.” Brandon P. Ruzic, M. N. H. Chow, A. D. Burch, D. Lobser, M. C. Revelle, J. M. Wilson, C. G. Yale, S. M. Clark. arXiv:2210.02372 [quant-ph] (2022)
“Design and analysis of digital communication within an SoC-based control system for trapped-ion quantum computing” Nafis Irtija, Jim Plusquellic, Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, Joshua Goldberg, Daniel Lobser, Daniel Stick. IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 4 (2023)
“Batching Circuits to Reduce Compilation in Quantum Control Hardware” Ashlyn D. Burch, D. S. Lobser, C. G. Yale, J. W. Van Der Wall, O. G. Maupin, J. D. Goldberg, M. N. H. Chow, M. C. Revelle, S. M. Clark. 2022 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), pp. 503-508 (2022)
“Performant coherent control: bridging the gap between high- and low-level operations on hardware.” Daniel Lobser, J. Van Der Wall, J. Goldberg. 2022 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), pp. 320-330 (2022)
“Closed-loop optimization of fast trapped-ion shuttling with sub-quanta excitation,” J.D Sterk, H. Coakley, J. Goldberg, V. Hietala, J. Lechtenberg, H. McGuinness, D. McMurtrey, L.P. Parazzoli, J. Van Der Wall, and D. Stick.  npj Quantum Information 8, 68 (2022)
“Entangling-gate error from coherently displaced motional modes of trapped ions,” B. P. Ruzic, T. A. Barrick, J. D. Hunker, R. J. Law, B. K. McFarland, H. J. McGuinness, L. P. Parazzoli, J. D. Sterk, J. W. Van Der Wall, and D. Stick.  PRA 105, 052409 (2022)Ion Transport Icon
“In situ detection of RF breakdown on microfabricated surface ion traps.”Joshua M. Wilson, J. N. Tilles, R. A. Haltli, E. Ou, M. G. Blain, S. M. Clark, M. C. Revelle. Journal Applied Physics 131, 134401 (2022)QSCOUT IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Experimental Characterization of Crosstalk Errors with Simultaneous Gate Set Tomography.” Kenneth Rudinger, C. W. Hogle, R. K. Naik, A. Hashim, D. Lobser, D. I. Santiago, M. D. Grace, E. Nielsen, T. Proctor, S. Seritan, S. M. Clark, R. Blume-Kohout, I. Siddipi, K. Young. PRX Quantum 2, 040338 (2021)QSCOUT Icon
“Integrated optical addressing of a trapped ytterbium ion,”  M. Ivory, W.J. Setzer, N. Karl, H. McGuinness, C. DeRose, M. Blain, D. Stick, M. Gehl, L.P. Parazzoli.  PRX 11, 041033 (2021)Integrated Photonics Iconclocks
“Failure Modes in Microfabricated Ion Trap Devices for Quantum Information Science” Matthew G. Blain, R. Haltli, and M. Revelle. EDFA Magazine 23(4), 28-37 (2021)QSCOUT IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Universal graph-based scheduling for quantum systems.” Leon Riesebos, B. Bondurant and K. R. Brown. IEEE Micro 41, 57-65 (2021)QSCOUT Icon
Engineering the Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed.” Susan M. Clark, D. Lobser, M. C. Revelle, C. G. Yale, D. Bossert, A. D. Burch, M. N. Chow, C. W. Hogle, M. Ivory, J. Pehr, B. Salzbrenner, D. Stick, W. Sweatt, J. M. Wilson, E. Winrow, and P. Maunz. IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 2, 3102832 (2021)QSCOUT IconControl Systems Icon
“Hybrid MEMS-CMOS ion traps for NISQ computing.” Matthew G. Blain, R. Haltli, P. Maunz, C. D. Nordquist, M. Revelle, and D. Stick. Quantum Science and Technology 6, 034011 (2021)QSCOUT IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Variational Quantum Chemistry Programs in JaqalPaq.” Oliver G. Maupin, A. D. Baczewski, P. J. Love, and A. J. Landahl. Entropy 23(6), 657 (2021)QSCOUT Icon
“Fluorescence Detection of a Trapped Ion with a Monolithically Integrated Single-Photon-Counting Avalanche Diode,”  W.J. Setzer, M. Ivory, O. Slobodyan, J.W. Van Der Wall, L.P. Parazzoli, D. Stick, M. Gehl, M. Blain, R.R. Kay, H. McGuinness.  Applied Physics Letters 119, 154002 (2021)Integrated Photonics Iconclocks
Detecting and tracking drift in quantum information processors” Timothy Proctor, Melissa Revelle, Erik Nielsen, Kenneth Rudinger, Daniel Lobser, Peter Maunz, Robin Blume-Kohout, Kevin Young. Nature communications 11 (1), 1-9 (2020)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
Just Another Quantum Assembly Language (Jaqal),” Benjamin C. A. Morrison, A. J. Landahl, D. S. Lobser, K. M. Rudinger, A. E. Russo, J. W. Van Der Wall, P. Maunz. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), pp. 402-408 (2020)QSCOUT Icon
Phoenix and Peregrine Ion Traps,”  Melissa C. Revelle. arXiv:2009.02398 [] (2020)QSCOUT IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
Jaqal, the Quantum Assembly Language for QSCOUT.” Andrew J. Landahl, D. S. Lobser, B. C. A. Morrison, K. M. Rudinger, A. E. Russo, J. W. Van Der Wall, and P. Maunz.  arXiv:2003.09382 [quant-ph] (2020)QSCOUT Icon
Demonstration of qubit operations below a rigorous fault tolerance threshold with gate set tomography” Robin Blume-Kohout, John King Gamble, Erik Nielsen, Kenneth Rudinger, Jonathan Mizrahi, Kevin Fortier, Peter Maunz. Nature communications 8 (1), 1-13 (2017)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
Experimental demonstration of a cheap and accurate phase estimation” K Rudinger, S Kimmel, D Lobser, P Maunz. Physical review letters 118 (19), 190502 (2017)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
Scalable digital hardware for a trapped ion quantum computer
Emily Mount, Daniel Gaultney, Geert Vrijsen, Michael Adams, So-Young Baek, Kai Hudek, Louis Isabella, Stephen Crain, Andre van Rynbach, Peter Maunz, Jungsang Kim. Quantum Information Processing 15 (12), 5281-5298 (2016)
Control Systems Icon
“Arrays of individually controlled ions suitable for two-dimensional quantum simulations” Manuel Mielenz, Henning Kalis, Matthias Wittemer, Frederick Hakelberg, Ulrich Warring, Roman Schmied, Matthew Blain, Peter Maunz, David L Moehring, Dietrich Leibfried, Tobias Schaetz. Nature communications 7 (1), 1-9 (2016)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“High optical access trap 2.0.”
PLW Maunz Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States) (2016)
Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Assembling a Ring-Shaped Crystal in a Microfabricated Surface Ion Trap,” B. Tabakov, F. Benito, M. Blain, C. Clark, S. Clark, R. Haltli, P. Maunz, J. Sterk, C. Tigges, D. Stick.  Physical Review Applied 4, 031001 (2015)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Precision alignment of integrated optics in hybrid microsystems,”  A. Young, J. Hunker, A.R. Ellis, S. Samora, J. Wendt, P. Maunz, D. Stick.  Applied Optics 53 (27), 6324-6331 (2014)Integrated Photonics Icon
“Heating rate and ion-motion control in a Y-junction surface-electrode trap,”  G. Shu, G. Vittorini, A. Buikema, C.S. Nichols, C. Volin, D. Stick, K.R. Brown.  Physical Review A 89, 062308 (2014)Ion Transport IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Characterization of Fluorescence Collection Optics Integrated with a Microfabricated Surface Electrode Ion Trap,”  C. Clark, C. Chou, A.R. Ellis, J. Hunker, S.A. Kemme, P. Maunz, B. Tabakov, C. Tigges, D. Stick.  Physical Review Applied 1, 024004 (2014)Integrated Photonics Icon
“Robust, self-consistent, closed-form tomography of quantum logic gates on a trapped ion qubit” R Blume-Kohout, JK Gamble, E Nielsen, J Mizrahi, JD Sterk, P Maunz. arXiv preprint arXiv:1310.4492 (2013)
“Single qubit manipulation in a microfabricated surface electrode ion trap,”  E. Mount, S.-Y. Baek, M. Blain, D. Stick, D. Gaultney, S. Crain, R. Noek, T. Kim, P. Maunz, J. Kim.  New Journal of Physics 15, 093018 (2013)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Heating rate and electrode charging measurements in a scalable, microfabricated, surface-electrode ion trap,”  D.T.C. Allcock, T.P. Harty, H.A. Janacek, N.M. Linke, C.J. Ballance, A.M. Steane, D.M. Lucas, R.L. Jarecki Jr., S.D. Habermehl, M.G. Blain, D. Stick, D.L. Moehring.  Applied Physics B 107, 913-919 (2012)Ion Transport IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Design, fabrication, and experimental demonstration of junction surface ion traps,”  D.L. Moehring, C. Highstrete, D. Stick, K.M. Fortier, R. Haltli, C. Tigges, M.G. Blain.  New Journal of Physics 13, 075018 (2011)Ion Transport IconMicrofabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Integration of fluorescence collection optics with a microfabricated surface electrode ion trap,” G.R. Brady, A.R. Ellis, D.L. Moehring, D. Stick, K.M. Fortier, M.G. Blain, R. Haltli, A.A. Cruz-Cabrera, R.D. Briggs, J.R. Wendt, T.R. Carter, S. Samora, S.A. Kemme.  Applied Physics B 103, 801-808 (2011)Integrated Photonics Icon
“Demonstration of a scalable, multiplexed ion trap for quantum information processing,” D. Leibrandt, J. Labaziewicz, R. Clark, I. Chuang, R. Epstein, C. Ospelkaus, J. Wesenberg, J. Bollinger, D. Leibfried, D. Wineland, D. Stick, J. Sterk, C. Monroe, C-S Pai, Y. Low, R. Frahm, and R. Slusher.  Quantum Information and Processing 9, 901-919 (2011)Microfabricated Trap Characterization Icon
“Ultrasmooth microfabricated mirrors for quantum information,” G. Biedermann, F. Benito, K. Fortier, D. Stick, T. Loyd, P. Schwindt, C. Nakakura, R. Jarecki, and M. Blain.  Applied Physics Letters 97, 181110 (2010)Integrated Photonics Icon


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