Extra Jaqal Materials

We held our second annual Jaqal seminar 9/13 and 9/15 of 2021! 

Here are some useful materials from the seminar: 

Day 1: Slides 

  • Intro and Jaqal Overview, Andrew Landahl 
  • Jaqal Syntax, Andrew Landahl (slide 21) 
  • Installing JaqalPaq, Antonio Russo (slide 33) 
  • Writing Jaqal with JaqalPaq, Jay Van Der Wall (slide 42) 
  • Using the Jaqal Emulator, Benjamin Morrison, Kenneth Rudinger, Antonio Russo (slide 51) 
  • Variational Quantum Algorithms, Oliver Maupin (slide 80) 

Day 2: Slides 


JaqalPaw (Pulses and Waveforms) Spec

JaqalPaw Exemplar Program

JaqalPaw Builtins (helpful for writing JaqalPaw)