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Supply chain

As part of a multiyear effort between divisions, the Lifecycle Materials Management Team led the implementation of the Sandia Purchasing Storefront, an automated review and approval system for the acquisition of hazardous/controlled products such as chemicals. Implementation of the storefront was critical in demonstrating sustainable materials management to address accumulation of excess and legacy hazardous materials. In addition, legacy chemical reductions were vigorously addressed by all divisions with chemical holdings. (10200, 4100, 9500, 2500, 1300, 4800) IMS [LF]

Supply Chain (10200) continues to be a leader in DOE/NNSA’s complex-wide acquisition initiatives. Supply Chain is actively engaged in leveraging pricing discounts for site-wide purchasing agreements. Sandia’s Supply Chain was presented the Award of Excellence by NNSA’s Supply Chain Management Center for its strategic savings achievements in FY14. Sandia’s cost savings exceeded those of all other sites in the complex with $57.7 million in strategic savings, or 45 percent of the complex total. (10200) IMS [LF]