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SANDIA SCIENTISTS, from left, Jason Harper (8631), Melissa Finley (6825), and Thayne Edwards (1714) show a BaDx anthrax detector. The three were recognized by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for their work in commercializing the BaDx technology. The detector was licensed by a New Mexico company.

(Photo by Randy Montoya)

BaDx (Bacillus anthracis Diagnostics) is a standalone, compact diagnostic device for use in resource-limited environments to detect real-world concentrations (>100 spores) of virulent B. anthracis, the causal agent of anthrax. BaDx integrates a micro-culture chamber, selective media, and lateral-flow assay diagnostic components into a single-use package with a “self-destruct” feature for safe device disposal after anthrax detection. This 2014 R&D 100 Award-winning technology provides a safe, rapid, and simple means to accurately detect anthrax without expensive or complicated laboratory equipment. (1100, 1700, 6800, 8600) LF [RGCBD]