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As part of the Security & You Transformation Strategy, several initiatives were developed in FY14 to cultivate partnerships and open dialogue between the Security program and the workforce. Division Outreach concentrated on opening the lines of communication between Security and each division’s VPs, directors, and senior managers. The Security Incident Advisory Panel incorporated division representatives from all levels of the workforce to team on determining effective incident reduction activities. Additional initiatives included improved security training, security learning minutes, and newsletters as well as the “Security Salutes” workforce recognition program. (4200) IMS [LF]

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Paulette Solis (4249) was named as the contractor recipient of NNSA’s Bradley A. Peterson Security Professional of the Year Award. Each year, this award recognizes one contractor and one federal employee whose contributions to security programs in the NNSA enterprise exemplify excellence and commitment. NNSA acting Chief and Associate Administrator Doug Dearolph noted, “Ms. Solis exemplif[ies] NNSA’s commitment in improving and enhancing its security across the enterprise. I applaud the dedication of . . . Paulette for [her] commitment in helping to protect NNSA’s resources. Our security culture continues to see improvement in accountability and vigilance as we continue to implement controls that expand accountability and cooperation across the enterprise.” Paulette received the award based on her outstanding leadership activities and efforts that resulted in cost savings and avoidances of nearly $500,000 while reducing facility clearance rejections and improving processing times.