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Nuclear weapon security

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Our team conducted a finite element analysis of a replacement armored tractor used by the Office of Secure Transportation for the Safeguards Transporter fleet. We performed the analysis, using a model with more than 150,000 elements, to determine how the tractor would respond in a severe design basis accident crash. This collaborative effort, involving Centers 6600, 1500, and 400, was performed using Sandia’s advanced scientific computing resources. The results were used in support of the Nuclear Explosive Safety Study Group to confirm that the replacement tractor would perform to specifications. (6600, 1500, 400) NW [RGND]

The multi-agency Joint Integrated Lifecycle Surety (JILS) project uniquely delivers surety risk analysis for the nuclear weapons enterprise. The JILS team, led by Sandia, comprises experts in physical security, nuclear weapons, systems analysis, human factors, and risk analysis, with participants from US Air Force, US Navy, NNSA, and Sandia, Los Alamos, and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories. This year, the team expanded JILS capabilities (including cost-benefit analysis) and performed refined option analyses. The team’s risk analysis informed key surety decisions and discussions in the nuclear weapons enterprise, leading to an NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence. (8200, 8100, 6600, 6500, 5600, 400) NW [RGND]